Wednesday, July 22, 2015


This weekend, our nephew Britton was baptized in his church.
When we received the invitation to attend, we jumped on the opportunity to share this special day with him.
Unlike the Catholic church, children are baptized around the age of 8 in the Mormon church.  There is something very emotional about watching a child being baptized compared to a baby.
I'm not sure there was a dry eye in the room.
The children sang a beautiful song.
Norah joined the kids up front until she realized she didn't know what to do and she ran into her daddy's arms and cried.
She has hit a very emotional stage in her life.
Times are tough between being a big sister, moving, and turning 3!!
When Piper started crying, a fellow mom jumped on the opportunity to snuggle her.  Not another peep for the rest of the service.  What a blessing that woman was!!

This trip was bittersweet for us.
We had been separated from Brad's family for many years.
We have all lived all over the country since college, but never anywhere close by.  When we found out we were moving to Texas, we were so excited to be within driving distance of them for once.
And, within the first year of living here, they found out they were moving to Nevada!!  I guess we'll have to move, now. ;)
So, we knew, going to San Antonio for the weekend would be our last hoorah before their big move & it was wonderful because we were all together with Omah and Opah, too!

In our many visits to San Antonio, we hadn't seen the River Walk.
Knowing how badly I had wanted to see it, Brad's mom planned a night at her favorite restaurant.  Rod & Jenni bought all of the girls paper flower crowns, we were serenaded by a mariachi band, we took a walk down by the river, and a ride on the river boats.  It was beautiful!

It was great seeing the cousins get together and play again!
The kids loved on Piper and begged for a turn to hold her!
I have a feeling she won't be the last grandchild for Omah & Opah. ;)
I hope Norah remembers how much fun she had at our family reunions & always shares this bond with her cousins.
I'm going to miss spending all of the holidays with Brad's family.  It sure was nice having them close for a year and having them welcome us to Texas!

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