Tuesday, July 21, 2015


I'm procrastinating.
I need to be getting ready to go to the doctor... again, but I have a sudden urge to update the blog and get some of these photos off of my laptop since my C drive storage is in the red... again!!
I need more time in my day, but who doesn't, really?


When Piper was born, and the doctor laid her on my chest, I couldn't take my eyes off of her and she couldn't take her eyes off of me.
I examined that little baby from head to foot.
She had big blue eyes staring up at me,
loooong finger nails,
and this curly-q right on the top of her head.
Just one little curl!
I keep my fingers crossed that she will be our curly haired baby, but her hair is so unpredictable.  Some of it is as straight as can be and other strands are curly & frizzy in the Texas humidity.
But, I had to capture this little curl in case someday it is gone.  I can tell her for a short period of time, she had curly hair.


Right after we brought Piper home from the hospital, I thought she was an excellent sleeper.  I was sleeping SOOO much better with her than I was with Norah.
Brad, on the other hand, was always so tired.
I didn't get it!!
Then one day, as I was cleaning, I found his footprints in the carpet.
It turns out, while I sleep like a rock, Brad gets up and rocks Piper to sleep while leaning against the wall.  Sometimes for 5 minutes, other times for 2 hours.  But, always in the same spot.  I was sure his footprints would be permanently embedded in the carpet.
I'm pretty sure he deserves the "Best Husband Award" for allowing me to sleep for an hour and a half between each feeding while he rocks Piper back to sleep.

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