Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Piper - 2 Months - 06.15.15

Oh, Piper.  When you were still in my belly I worried about how Norah's transition to being a big sister would be.
I worried that she would resent us for sharing our love with you.
I worried!
My friends with multiple children assured me it was normal with your second child, but that we wouldn't be able to imagine life without you in it once you had arrived and that somehow we do find even more space in our hearts to love more than one baby!
Boy, truer words had never been spoken!
You are a joy, a blessing, and the best addition to this family!
I love watching you smile and laugh every day!
You are one of the happiest babies & between you and your sister, we can't help but smile right with you!
I am so glad God chose you and Norah to be our babies!
We really couldn't imagine life any other way!


I know I've said it before, but I just love Texas.
There is always something to do here.
A neighboring town had music in the park every Saturday this summer and we had a chance to go check it out one night.
We decided to make a family date night of it and go to Babe's restaurant.  Their specialty is fried chicken and family style dinner.  It's a big hit among the locals & our wait time proved it, but it was worth the wait.
I love how the outside of the restaurant is decorated.
Norah loved playing on the tractor seats.
After dinner we headed over to music in the park.
Norah danced and played.
Brad chased her around the field.
She wanted to get up close to see the band.
When they played "Thinking Out Loud" by Ed Sheeran, she yelled "Mommy, it's my song!!"
So, we danced and sang along while Piper and Daddy danced further away from the speakers.
I love all of our adventures here in Texas.


This weekend, our nephew Britton was baptized in his church.
When we received the invitation to attend, we jumped on the opportunity to share this special day with him.
Unlike the Catholic church, children are baptized around the age of 8 in the Mormon church.  There is something very emotional about watching a child being baptized compared to a baby.
I'm not sure there was a dry eye in the room.
The children sang a beautiful song.
Norah joined the kids up front until she realized she didn't know what to do and she ran into her daddy's arms and cried.
She has hit a very emotional stage in her life.
Times are tough between being a big sister, moving, and turning 3!!
When Piper started crying, a fellow mom jumped on the opportunity to snuggle her.  Not another peep for the rest of the service.  What a blessing that woman was!!

This trip was bittersweet for us.
We had been separated from Brad's family for many years.
We have all lived all over the country since college, but never anywhere close by.  When we found out we were moving to Texas, we were so excited to be within driving distance of them for once.
And, within the first year of living here, they found out they were moving to Nevada!!  I guess we'll have to move, now. ;)
So, we knew, going to San Antonio for the weekend would be our last hoorah before their big move & it was wonderful because we were all together with Omah and Opah, too!

In our many visits to San Antonio, we hadn't seen the River Walk.
Knowing how badly I had wanted to see it, Brad's mom planned a night at her favorite restaurant.  Rod & Jenni bought all of the girls paper flower crowns, we were serenaded by a mariachi band, we took a walk down by the river, and a ride on the river boats.  It was beautiful!

It was great seeing the cousins get together and play again!
The kids loved on Piper and begged for a turn to hold her!
I have a feeling she won't be the last grandchild for Omah & Opah. ;)
I hope Norah remembers how much fun she had at our family reunions & always shares this bond with her cousins.
I'm going to miss spending all of the holidays with Brad's family.  It sure was nice having them close for a year and having them welcome us to Texas!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015


So, let me ask you this...
Have you ever moved just after having a baby??
It's a lot of work... Trust me, I know!!
When Norah was 2 weeks old, we moved from Florida to Maryland.
And, here we are, Piper is just over a month old and we're moving again.  Luckily, though, this time we just moved across the highway.
The difference between this move and our move up the East Coast is we had to pack & move everything ourselves.
We were the moving company this time.
It was a lot of work, but it was so worth it!
I was overwhelmed, to say the least.
I was juggling two kiddos and trying to meet a very short deadline.
I felt like my head was spinning in circles and Brad knew it.
He would find little ways to let me know that all was ok & the hard work would pay off.
If I have one wish for my daughters, it's that they are able to find somebody who loves them and showers them with little sentiments as much as Brad does for me.  I hope they see our love & treat/are treated the same way some day.
His parents taught him well.

So, with all of this packing came the biggest move of our lives.
For the first time in our lives, Brad & I are homeowners!!
We love Texas & could definitely see ourselves settling down here.
When we moved here last year, we thought we found the perfect house.
We intended to rent for the year and then potentially buy that home, but the more I lived in it, the more I found things I didn't like about it {things that we couldn't change like the floor plan}.
So, when the lease was due to end, we started talking about buying.
We started the search and found the cutest home just across the highway from where we were leasing.  We put an offer on it before Piper was even born {I know, who are the crazies that go house hunting while 9 months pregnant?? These people!!}
When the previous owners accepted our offer we were elated but oh so nervous for the whole process of buying a house.  We had heard so many horror stories of inspections and appraisals, so every time a new hurdle approached us, we held our breath and prayed that all would work out.  I think we were more nervous of having to start the search over than anything else.  It is a difficult market in the Dallas area.  Nothing stays on the market for more than a week... well, nothing worth buying, anyway.  And nothing goes for asking price.  It's nail biting for sure.  But, we were so blessed to have Brad's parents staying with us for the beginning of the process.  They are pros and were such a huge help answering our questions & getting the ball rolling because let's be honest, we were clueless!

While we were house hunting, we would tell Norah that we were going to look at castles & that Daddy was going to buy her a castle.  She had this recent fascination with castles and Omah had just bought her a My Little Pony castle.
Even now, if I tell Norah we're "going home" she will correct me and tell me, "No.  We're going to the castle!"
Yes, Norah.  We're going to your castle! :)

We found a beautiful, not typical Texas style home, in a town that was designed to resemble Providence, Rhode Island.
It is our New England house in the heat of Texas.
I think my dreams came true!! :)
It's perfect!

Sadly, this is the only picture I got of the house on move-in day.
There was nobody around to get the photo I wanted of us as a family standing in front of our new home and I just recently found my tripod while unpacking.  I envisioned a picture of us standing by our "For Sale" sign with a big sign across it that said "Sold," but a sign was never placed in our yard to do that.
Nobody handed us our keys at the end and said "congratulations!!"
It was not at all as I expected it to be, but in the end, I'm happy we got this house and that is good enough for me.

Now, we have the luxury of doing some work!!
Time to get some bushes and grass seed for that front yard!
I'll post more pictures as progress is made. :)


We have made some great friends over the past year here.
One family, in particular, came from Maryland.
Brad worked with Allen there, and yet, somehow, I hadn't met his family until they moved here!  Which is really such a shame because they are the kindest and most down to earth family! They have that genuine southern charm that everyone talks about.  I wish I had the opportunity to get to know them a few years ago, but I'm so glad I get to hang out with them now!

For Memorial Day, they had a get together with a few of the families the guys work with.
They had a crawfish boil & boudin.
There were crawfish for days & Brad went to town!!
The kids were having a great time picking them up from the cooler to inspect them.  Norah kicked off her shoes, played on the scooters & with the jump ropes, & chased the other kids around all while Piper snuggled and snoozed.
I will say it is very difficult to capture photos while snuggling a newborn {and, of course, we never seem to get any of her}. :(

But, it was a good ol' fashioned southern cookout with great company.


I'm procrastinating.
I need to be getting ready to go to the doctor... again, but I have a sudden urge to update the blog and get some of these photos off of my laptop since my C drive storage is in the red... again!!
I need more time in my day, but who doesn't, really?


When Piper was born, and the doctor laid her on my chest, I couldn't take my eyes off of her and she couldn't take her eyes off of me.
I examined that little baby from head to foot.
She had big blue eyes staring up at me,
loooong finger nails,
and this curly-q right on the top of her head.
Just one little curl!
I keep my fingers crossed that she will be our curly haired baby, but her hair is so unpredictable.  Some of it is as straight as can be and other strands are curly & frizzy in the Texas humidity.
But, I had to capture this little curl in case someday it is gone.  I can tell her for a short period of time, she had curly hair.


Right after we brought Piper home from the hospital, I thought she was an excellent sleeper.  I was sleeping SOOO much better with her than I was with Norah.
Brad, on the other hand, was always so tired.
I didn't get it!!
Then one day, as I was cleaning, I found his footprints in the carpet.
It turns out, while I sleep like a rock, Brad gets up and rocks Piper to sleep while leaning against the wall.  Sometimes for 5 minutes, other times for 2 hours.  But, always in the same spot.  I was sure his footprints would be permanently embedded in the carpet.
I'm pretty sure he deserves the "Best Husband Award" for allowing me to sleep for an hour and a half between each feeding while he rocks Piper back to sleep.