Wednesday, June 24, 2015


I was a little bummed about Mother's Day & my birthday this year.  We gave our notice to our landlords that we would be out of their home by the end of the month & they put the house on the market.  We decided to shampoo the carpets before the realtor came to take pictures & due to Brad's work schedule, that had to happen on Mother's Day.  The realtor was coming on my birthday to take photos.  Last year we were moving across country on my birthday.  Lots of changes take place in the middle of May, apparently!  Big bummer!

But, Brad stayed up most of the night before Mother's Day to make me a slideshow of our girls.  I was in tears.  It was the best gift I had ever received for Mother's Day.  It was so good, it even covered my birthday gift. ;)

But, since we couldn't celebrate on either day, Brad planned an exciting day the following Saturday.
He took us down to Grapevine to a Wizard of Oz hands on exhibit where Norah could play.
Brad knows that my favorite outings are the ones where I can watch Norah in her element. 
She loved it and so did I! :)

It just so happened that Grapevine was having a street fair the same day.  We walked around, ate funnel cake & frog's legs {well, Brad ate frog's legs}, and we went to our favorite restaurant for dinner.
It was a wonderful non-Mother's Day & non-birthday!

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