Wednesday, June 24, 2015


Norah LOVES to be outside!
Every parents dream, right?
We had the most beautiful field of yellow flowers outside our back yard.  Brad and I agreed to take pictures of the girls in it on his day off so I could have an extra set of hands to help with Piper.  HOA mowed it down that morning before Brad even woke up.  Shortly after it grew back, we had a month of rain... the field of flowers were quickly replaced with a small lake.  We had waterfront property for a few weeks.  I never did get those photos.
We had a few flowers within our fenced yard.
Norah showered me with fresh picked wildflowers while she searched for the "Easter" bunny {a rabbit that made her home and nest in our yard a few days before Easter}.  We had seen her on the other side of the fence, so Norah looks for her every day.

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  1. that top knot in the first picture! so cute!!!