Wednesday, June 24, 2015


Day 2:

We have not slept... let me rephrase... I have not slept.  Your Daddy is sleeping like a rock on that pullout couch.  How he doesn't hear you, I do not know.
Your cry is off the charts!
I fall asleep often with you on my chest.
The nurses have come in once or twice to put you back in your bassinet.
It has been 3 years since we've had a brand new baby & it is amazing how quickly we have forgotten how different your needs are from a toddler's.
The doctors and nurses keep saying, you know all of this since she is your second child & I keep asking them to give me their advice anyway!  It all feels so new to us again.


Your Omah & sister came to visit you today.
We have been so anxious for this moment.
We were worried Norah wouldn't understand why we haven't been home for two days.
And, although we have been talking about you for 9 months, we weren't certain Norah understood what we were talking about this whole time.  How was she going to react when she met you?

We were thrilled that she was smitten.
Norah wanted to hold you and love on you.
She was excited to give you your new outfit & to give me beautiful flowers and a balloon.
She's going to be a great big sister!
She has so much love in her heart for you!

And boy was Norah excited to see Daddy when she opened the door!!
She brought tears to my eyes!

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