Wednesday, June 24, 2015


Brad & I woke up before the sun did today.
We were scheduled to be induced bright and early in the morning.
I was thrilled that our baby girl took her time.  I was terrified that Norah would have to share her birthday with her sister & that she would decide to arrive during rush hour traffic where it took 2 hours for Brad to get home from work & us to the hospital.  Thank goodness she held off.
When I originally tried scheduling induction day, I had chosen the 16th.  Our big days are often divisible by 4... quirky, I know.  But, when one of the doctors told me she couldn't induce me that day & scheduled me for the 15th instead, I realized that was even better.

Norah's birthday is 04.12.12.
This baby's birthday will be 04.15.15.
How cool is that?

So, we packed up the car the night before & headed out the door before Norah & Omah were awake.

After we arrived at the hospital & got checked into our room (Room #8, I must add), I got my epidural almost immediately.  I'm telling you, people, if you have the option to hold out two weeks past your due date, do it!  There is nothing like not having to feel your labor pains AT ALL!!

So, similar to Norah, Brad and I sat around all day, searching Pinterest on my iPad, watching TV, and waiting for baby girl to make her big appearance.
Unlike Norah, when it came time to deliver, they told me when it was time instead of me telling them.  When my doctor walked into the room and said, "let's have a baby" I thought, "wait!!  It's not time, yet!"
Sure enough... it was & this delivery was just as easy as it was with Norah.
Boy, have I been blessed with easy deliveries... I should probably stop while I'm ahead. ;)

At 5:01 pm, after a solid 10 minutes of active labor, Piper Donna entered the world with eyes wide open!
I cried!!  Big, ugly tears!!
Piper and I had a connection the second they laid her on my chest and she stared into my eyes.  She was beautiful & looked just like Norah did the day she was born.
She weighed 7lbs. 14oz. and was 20 1/2" long.
She felt so itty bitty in my arms.
She screamed her baby screams, but boy, was she loud!  And she turned beat red every time she cried.  There may have been a moment or two Brad and I asked each other what we were in for.  But, she's perfect!  And we are once again so blessed with a beautiful baby girl!
Welcome to the world, Piper Donna!

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