Thursday, June 25, 2015

05.15.15 - Piper: 1 month

Piper turned 1 month old today.
There have been a lot of changes happening in our home, but we are embracing every second of having two sweet girls.  If I ever thought that babies grow up too fast before, it goes even faster when you have two.  Time just won't slow down.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015


I was a little bummed about Mother's Day & my birthday this year.  We gave our notice to our landlords that we would be out of their home by the end of the month & they put the house on the market.  We decided to shampoo the carpets before the realtor came to take pictures & due to Brad's work schedule, that had to happen on Mother's Day.  The realtor was coming on my birthday to take photos.  Last year we were moving across country on my birthday.  Lots of changes take place in the middle of May, apparently!  Big bummer!

But, Brad stayed up most of the night before Mother's Day to make me a slideshow of our girls.  I was in tears.  It was the best gift I had ever received for Mother's Day.  It was so good, it even covered my birthday gift. ;)

But, since we couldn't celebrate on either day, Brad planned an exciting day the following Saturday.
He took us down to Grapevine to a Wizard of Oz hands on exhibit where Norah could play.
Brad knows that my favorite outings are the ones where I can watch Norah in her element. 
She loved it and so did I! :)

It just so happened that Grapevine was having a street fair the same day.  We walked around, ate funnel cake & frog's legs {well, Brad ate frog's legs}, and we went to our favorite restaurant for dinner.
It was a wonderful non-Mother's Day & non-birthday!


Piper had her first tubby on 05.04.15.
I only took one quick picture to document the moment.  I forgot to put it in my last post, so here it is.

I walked into the room on 05.11.15 to see Norah reading Piper a book.  It's one of my favorite books: The Little Prince.  Norah loves to read.  I love that she's sharing the joy of reading with Piper at such an early age.


Norah & Piper were napping.
Can you believe they nap at the same time?
How lucky am I?!?

So, as they napped, I took advantage of the moment to get sleeping baby pictures of Piper.
Embrace the cuteness!!


Norah LOVES to be outside!
Every parents dream, right?
We had the most beautiful field of yellow flowers outside our back yard.  Brad and I agreed to take pictures of the girls in it on his day off so I could have an extra set of hands to help with Piper.  HOA mowed it down that morning before Brad even woke up.  Shortly after it grew back, we had a month of rain... the field of flowers were quickly replaced with a small lake.  We had waterfront property for a few weeks.  I never did get those photos.
We had a few flowers within our fenced yard.
Norah showered me with fresh picked wildflowers while she searched for the "Easter" bunny {a rabbit that made her home and nest in our yard a few days before Easter}.  We had seen her on the other side of the fence, so Norah looks for her every day.



We were released from the hospital on Friday the 17th.  We were given the opportunity to leave the day after Piper was born, but we both agreed we needed one more day before getting into the swing of raising 2.
That first drive home with your second baby is just as nerve wracking as it is with your first baby.

We are loving being home!
I love how Norah wants to help with everything & fights for Piper's snuggles.

Omah has been a huge help!
We have loved having her here for an entire month!  We needed a long visit with her!  Our relationship has grown by leaps and bounds in the past month & I have to admit, I am so blessed to have an amazing mother-in-law.
She loves her grandchildren so much!
She has dance parties with Norah, plays outside everyday with her, and spoils her with a new My Little Pony (or three) each day.  Norah LOVES her Omah.  Our home won't be the same without her!  I wish I had brought my camera out more often when we weren't all in our PJs, so I had pictures with Omah.


Day 2:

We have not slept... let me rephrase... I have not slept.  Your Daddy is sleeping like a rock on that pullout couch.  How he doesn't hear you, I do not know.
Your cry is off the charts!
I fall asleep often with you on my chest.
The nurses have come in once or twice to put you back in your bassinet.
It has been 3 years since we've had a brand new baby & it is amazing how quickly we have forgotten how different your needs are from a toddler's.
The doctors and nurses keep saying, you know all of this since she is your second child & I keep asking them to give me their advice anyway!  It all feels so new to us again.


Your Omah & sister came to visit you today.
We have been so anxious for this moment.
We were worried Norah wouldn't understand why we haven't been home for two days.
And, although we have been talking about you for 9 months, we weren't certain Norah understood what we were talking about this whole time.  How was she going to react when she met you?

We were thrilled that she was smitten.
Norah wanted to hold you and love on you.
She was excited to give you your new outfit & to give me beautiful flowers and a balloon.
She's going to be a great big sister!
She has so much love in her heart for you!

And boy was Norah excited to see Daddy when she opened the door!!
She brought tears to my eyes!