Tuesday, May 19, 2015

04.04.15 & 04.05.15

Happy Easter!!

We had company for Easter this year!!  Brad's parents and his sister's family came in for the weekend!
I know everyone was wishing for a baby for Easter, but she held off a little while!

I love watching Norah with her cousins!
It has been so nice being close to family the past three years.
I will be so sad when everyone moves on to new places and we will no longer be a car ride away from the cousins.

When everyone arrived, we decided to throw an Easter egg hunt the day before Easter to avoid the rain they were calling for.  It was a good decision on our part.
The kids ran around the yard searching for colorful eggs.
Norah and Tre ran up and down the yard.
She loves him!!
She may very well miss him most.
And Cooper spent most of his time in the Jeep {it runs in the family}.
Norah changed three times after splashing in the water table {it's a daily occurrence}.

We are happy when we are all together.

The next morning, the kids opened their Easter baskets, ate candy, we made a big brunch...
and I mean HUGE!!
And Jenni played "guess the baby's name."
She figured it out in 2 guesses...
She's good!!
Now, it's just a matter of baby arriving to put a face to the name.

After everyone packed up and headed home, we forgot we had bought two dozen eggs to dye.  So, Norah got to have all of the messy fun in coloring the eggs for the Easter egg hunt we had yesterday.
Looks like we have lots of hard boiled eggs for salads. ;)

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  1. Easter was fun and an amazing time. Good food and having all the family together really makes the world go round! God has blessed us with an amazing family and the time we have together is a blessing.