Tuesday, May 19, 2015


To celebrate Easter, our HOA hosted an Easter Egg Hunt.
This was, surprisingly, the first time Norah had to go head to head with a group of kids for eggs.  I was a nervous mama.  Norah is a kind, gentle little girl.  If she gets pushed or hit by another kid, she looks at us with such confusion.  I had visions of older kids trampling my little girl, but we were lucky that they still allowed parents to join the 3 year olds on the hunt.  And, luckily, we were surrounded by some very well behaved littles. :)  They all made out like bandits with baskets and bags full of eggs.

Norah had popcorn and insisted on blue cotton candy {which she thought was ice cream, so she didn't eat it once reality set in}.
She rode on a train with Daddy... smiling most of the way.
And she got to pet the animals in the petting zoo.
The Easter Bunny paid a visit, but she learned her lesson with Santa Claus and stood a distance away waving to him.
And, that was plenty close enough.

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