Tuesday, May 19, 2015


We have been in Texas a few months shy of a year & in a month we will be welcoming our second daughter into the world.  
We are surrounded by an amazing group of people here!  They are always celebrating those they love, whether it is a new adventure, a birthday, or a new baby!
We're a small group, but I couldn't imagine a better, more supportive circle of friends.
I'm so glad we were brought here to meet them all!

To help prep for the arrival of our little princess, they threw Brad and me a baby shower.  We played games; everyone guessed how big my belly is {talk about a rude awakening... haha}, they had to guess what kind of candy was dirtying the diaper {I could barely stomach the thought}, and they had a balloon popping relay.  Norah was so sad that all of the balloons were popped by the end of the game {but, our sweet friends brought her more balloons to make up for it}.

The decorations were beautiful, the food was AMAZING, and the company was the best!  Norah snuck two or three cupcakes when she THOUGHT nobody was watching.
I'm so happy that our baby has so many people who love her and they haven't even met her, yet.  Thank you to everyone who was a part of this day!  We are so blessed!!

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