Tuesday, May 19, 2015

04.12.15 - 3 years

Norah turned 3 today!!!
It amazes me that three years have gone by so fast!
She has grown so much in just one year!
Her hair went from her shoulders to half way down her back and she's starting to lose that baby pudge in her face.
It makes me so sad that my baby is growing up so fast, but she makes us so happy watching her grow!!
Her personality grows right along with her!
She is so funny & she knows it!
She laughs at everything & wakes up singing every morning.
She loves to spend her day outside no matter what the weather!
Her vocabulary grows each day.  
She ends her sentences with "...maybe?"  
"Norah, what would you like for dinner?"
"mmmmm.... cookies, maybe?"
Always cookies!!!


We got to spend the whole month of April with Omah here!
Norah LOVED having her here and so did we!
They played every day with her My Little Ponies.
Norah tested Omah daily on their names {and Omah knew them all}!!
They danced, they sang!
Norah really opened up to Omah!!  It was wonderful to see!

Norah started her day with a cupcake...
if it's sugar, it's bound to be a hit,
but boy was she bashful when it came time to sing "Happy Birthday" to her.  She hid her face in her arms.

Norah's day was very low key.  We didn't have a big birthday party this year for her since her sister was due on April 9th.  We feared we would have to cancel it last minute to have a baby. And, since her sister hasn't arrived yet, I was on a mission to not have a baby on Norah's big day, so I stayed put for the majority of the day.  If I walked further than half a block, Brad would tell me to sit down.
We were determined to keep this her special day!
In turn, Norah kept Brad VERY busy.
They ran up and down the yard trying to fly a kite {on the least windy day of them all}.  Norah couldn't get enough and Brad couldn't say no to his princess, so they spent a good hour "flying" her Frozen kite.

Norah and I baked a cake.
She specifically requested chocolate cake with chocolate frosting this year.
It wasn't pretty, but it was delicious!!
We added some yummy strawberries to the top... Norah's favorite.

Omah took us to lunch and when we returned, we sang "Happy Birthday" again and gave Norah her gifts...
a new, pink "cycle bike" as Norah calls them and a helmet from Omah and Opah!
We headed right outside to try them out!
She insisted on Daddy's help which meant more work for her sleep deprived Daddy... again, anything to make his little girl happy!
We headed in when the skies started turning dark and Norah started walking.

It was a wonderful, low key day, focused 100% on Miss Norah!
She loved every second of it!

Happy Birthday, my sweet girl!!

04.04.15 & 04.05.15

Happy Easter!!

We had company for Easter this year!!  Brad's parents and his sister's family came in for the weekend!
I know everyone was wishing for a baby for Easter, but she held off a little while!

I love watching Norah with her cousins!
It has been so nice being close to family the past three years.
I will be so sad when everyone moves on to new places and we will no longer be a car ride away from the cousins.

When everyone arrived, we decided to throw an Easter egg hunt the day before Easter to avoid the rain they were calling for.  It was a good decision on our part.
The kids ran around the yard searching for colorful eggs.
Norah and Tre ran up and down the yard.
She loves him!!
She may very well miss him most.
And Cooper spent most of his time in the Jeep {it runs in the family}.
Norah changed three times after splashing in the water table {it's a daily occurrence}.

We are happy when we are all together.

The next morning, the kids opened their Easter baskets, ate candy, we made a big brunch...
and I mean HUGE!!
And Jenni played "guess the baby's name."
She figured it out in 2 guesses...
She's good!!
Now, it's just a matter of baby arriving to put a face to the name.

After everyone packed up and headed home, we forgot we had bought two dozen eggs to dye.  So, Norah got to have all of the messy fun in coloring the eggs for the Easter egg hunt we had yesterday.
Looks like we have lots of hard boiled eggs for salads. ;)


To celebrate Easter, our HOA hosted an Easter Egg Hunt.
This was, surprisingly, the first time Norah had to go head to head with a group of kids for eggs.  I was a nervous mama.  Norah is a kind, gentle little girl.  If she gets pushed or hit by another kid, she looks at us with such confusion.  I had visions of older kids trampling my little girl, but we were lucky that they still allowed parents to join the 3 year olds on the hunt.  And, luckily, we were surrounded by some very well behaved littles. :)  They all made out like bandits with baskets and bags full of eggs.

Norah had popcorn and insisted on blue cotton candy {which she thought was ice cream, so she didn't eat it once reality set in}.
She rode on a train with Daddy... smiling most of the way.
And she got to pet the animals in the petting zoo.
The Easter Bunny paid a visit, but she learned her lesson with Santa Claus and stood a distance away waving to him.
And, that was plenty close enough.


Everywhere we have lived, we have been near an aviation museum & we have checked them all out.  Texas is no exception.
So, when Brad had a day off and we hadn't seen sunshine in a few days, we decided to head out to explore.

Norah LOVES airplanes.
We ask her where she thinks they're going...
she says, "the airport."
We ask her where she thinks they are coming from...
she says, "the airport."
Such a smart cookie that one is.
I like to day dream that they're all going somewhere tropical with lots of sunshine {because I know that's where I would want my airplane to go}.