Saturday, March 28, 2015

Christmas 2014 {continued}

I forgot I had uploaded photos to our desktop after Christmas.
When I stumbled upon them the other day, I was quickly reminded that I have a lot to catch up on {big surprise there}.
The baby is due in 2 weeks, so I better get moving so I have a clean slate when she gets here to update.

This was a very special Christmas for us!
Brad's family traveled to our little town for the day.
We haven't celebrated a Christmas together since Presley was a baby... she's 4 now.  Cooper, Norah, & Baby were only a whisper at that point.
It was fun and crazy with so many of us in our little house, but it was wonderful!

Santa sent Norah another letter this year.
When Brad went to Alaska in 2012, he met Santa at the North Pole & told him how much Norah would love a letter each year!
This year she was very interested in Daddy reading it to her.
She laid in her new big girl bed reading and hugging it in between jumps on the bed!
Santa's letters are one of my favorite new traditions.

We celebrated Jenni & Rod's birthdays the day after Christmas before everybody went their separate ways.
It was a short visit, but I do love having family "close" by.

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