Saturday, March 28, 2015


Recently, Norah has been branching out.
She seems to know she is venturing away from being 2 into a 3 year old in a few short weeks!
We didn't experience the "terrible twos" in this house.
She has been such a sweet and pleasant little girl from the day she was born.
We have been so blessed with her laughter and smiles!
But, boy, is the troublesome threes, three-nager year {or whatever it's called} hitting her hard!
She is definitely going through a lot of changes recently, which I'm sure she doesn't understand {and quite honestly, neither do I}, but we embrace every passing temper tantrum and try to help her to understand what patience are.
I know... I'm the last person to be giving a lesson on patience!!
But, we wouldn't trade any of these meltdowns or temper tantrums for the world!
In between them all, she still has the sweetest of smiles and lots of love and snuggles for us!

She loves her sweets!!
More often than not, she has a ring of chocolate around her mouth from the cookies she just devoured.
She loves to dance {or run around in circles, in her case}.
"Uptown Funk" has become her favorite song & loves it when Daddy puts music on the TV.
She loves to sing nursery rhymes {mostly "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" and "Baa Baa Black Sheep}."
And, she is obsessed with watching YouTube videos about Play Doh and princesses {a.k.a. her friends, which she carries around in a little green bag everywhere she goes}.
She kisses my belly and says "I love you, sister!!"

We are so blessed to have this sweet, strong, and loving little girl in our lives.
Her smile lights up any room and the world is such an innocent place through her big blue eyes!
I am cherishing every second of our little family of 3 for the next couple of days!!

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