Saturday, March 28, 2015


According to the locals, it has been a pretty mild winter here.
With the exception of a dusting, which melted in a matter of an hour, in the beginning of the season, we haven't had any snow or freezing rain until the end of February.
Then, it turned into 3 days {which felt like weeks} of bad weather.
The one thing I love about this city is that it shuts down for ice.
There are a lot of bridges and overpasses here that freeze in a matter of minutes once the freezing rain hits.  As a previous New Englander, it's almost comical to watch vehicles try to climb the ramps on the news, but in all seriousness, Vermont didn't have roads that were built like Dallas.  The bridges/ramps are minimal, but do-able there.  They have hundreds of plows and salt trucks.  We have 3 for the entire metroplex, I think.
So, when they shut everything down, and none of us have to risk driving in it, I'm a happy camper.

I got stuck driving home from work for the first time in 5 years in the snow.
Not that I was EVER comfortable driving in the snow, but it's a completely different ball game when you're pregnant and have your little one in the car. 
We took our time {taking an hour to go 20 minutes} and made it home in one piece.

Norah was very intrigued by the snow this year, although, it was more ice than snow.
This was progress from the last two years which ended in tears if we asked her to even walk on it, let alone play in it.
When she took her first fall on the ice, she was done and wouldn't go back outside in it again.
Which, ultimately, is ok by me.
I would much rather stay inside and sip hot cocoa.
{Here she is again with the chocolate cookie ring around her mouth... my little sweet tooth!}


Boy, oh boy... if Norah was any more of a Daddy's girl, we would be in trouble.
And, she has him wrapped around her little finger!
They spent a good portion of this evening running around the house in circles, making "Norah Angels," and smothering each other with lots of tickles & kisses.
Norah sure gives her Daddy a run for his money.
He better hold on tight to his little princess and never let her go because the years are already flying by!!


Recently, Norah has been branching out.
She seems to know she is venturing away from being 2 into a 3 year old in a few short weeks!
We didn't experience the "terrible twos" in this house.
She has been such a sweet and pleasant little girl from the day she was born.
We have been so blessed with her laughter and smiles!
But, boy, is the troublesome threes, three-nager year {or whatever it's called} hitting her hard!
She is definitely going through a lot of changes recently, which I'm sure she doesn't understand {and quite honestly, neither do I}, but we embrace every passing temper tantrum and try to help her to understand what patience are.
I know... I'm the last person to be giving a lesson on patience!!
But, we wouldn't trade any of these meltdowns or temper tantrums for the world!
In between them all, she still has the sweetest of smiles and lots of love and snuggles for us!

She loves her sweets!!
More often than not, she has a ring of chocolate around her mouth from the cookies she just devoured.
She loves to dance {or run around in circles, in her case}.
"Uptown Funk" has become her favorite song & loves it when Daddy puts music on the TV.
She loves to sing nursery rhymes {mostly "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" and "Baa Baa Black Sheep}."
And, she is obsessed with watching YouTube videos about Play Doh and princesses {a.k.a. her friends, which she carries around in a little green bag everywhere she goes}.
She kisses my belly and says "I love you, sister!!"

We are so blessed to have this sweet, strong, and loving little girl in our lives.
Her smile lights up any room and the world is such an innocent place through her big blue eyes!
I am cherishing every second of our little family of 3 for the next couple of days!!


It has become a bit of a tradition that we visit our local zoo in every place we've lived.
When I was pregnant with Norah, we went to the San Diego Zoo & Animal Kingdom at Disney.
When Norah was 1, we visited the National Zoo in Washington D.C.
And, at 2 years old {and me being pregnant again}, we took her to see the animals at the Dallas Zoo.

This was our first 70 degree day in a few months!
It was delightful!!

The zoo was busy, but it was worth every second!
She was obsessed with the map & loved telling us where to go to see her favorite animals {the flamingos, giraffes, and tortoises}.
We taught her how to walk like a penguin, which was quite entertaining for her.  And, surprisingly, she wasn't overly afraid of the animals {we were a bit skeptical after our adventure to the Rain Forest Cafe, which did not go well at all with the fake animals}.
She still asks to go see the animals at the zoo on a regular basis!


It's no secret...
We're a Jeep family!!
With the exception of 4 {out of 9} cars, Brad and I have owned Jeeps our entire driving lives {and we vowed we wouldn't buy anything else again}.
So, it's only right that we raise our girls to appreciate the brand, too. ;)

Santa brought Norah a pink Jeep this year.
When the sun peeked it's head out, she couldn't wait to run outside and jump in to take it for a spin around our yard.
We were very lucky to find a house in the area that has a beautiful, big back yard to play in.  And, it's perfect for Norah to take her Jeep off roading.  She makes her Daddy very proud!!


Brad had a few days off around Christmas time.
It was glorious having him home so much around the holidays, 
but we have become accustomed to the Texas heat and were getting cabin fever being cooped up in the house with the "cold" 50-some degree weather.
I had discovered a little kids museum nearby that resembles little businesses in the town... all in Norah size.
They had a Kroger grocery store, Norma's Cafe, and the local vet, fire department, bank, school, & doctor's office!

Norah had a ball playing and interacting with kids her age.
She fell in love with the stuffed animals in the vet, caring for them, and wearing the fire fighter's suit and putting out the fires with the fire truck.
She still talks about the school bus she "drove!"
And this trip convinced me that Norah is going to make the best big sister as she cared for the babies in the home!
She will be a wonderful helper! 
I can't wait for her to meet and bond with her baby sister!
Growing up most of my life without a sister, I never had that bond...  I hear there's nothing like it & I hope they grow up to be the best of friends!


New Years Eve was very low key this year.
Norah was just getting over a bug, so instead of exposing all of our friends to any lingering germs, we decided to ring in the new year as a family.
Instead of sticking to the tradition of Chinese food this year, we ventured to Japanese food and indulged in sushi {avocado maki for this preggo girl}.
Norah had a blast learning how to blow the noise makers and wearing her 'Happy New Year' tiara.  Daddy played a round or two of Sophia the First matching games with her, then around 8pm we watched King Julien to ring in Norah's New Year before sending her off to bed.
Surprisingly, Brad and I made it to midnight to watch the ball drop for the first time in Central time.

Christmas 2014 {continued}

I forgot I had uploaded photos to our desktop after Christmas.
When I stumbled upon them the other day, I was quickly reminded that I have a lot to catch up on {big surprise there}.
The baby is due in 2 weeks, so I better get moving so I have a clean slate when she gets here to update.

This was a very special Christmas for us!
Brad's family traveled to our little town for the day.
We haven't celebrated a Christmas together since Presley was a baby... she's 4 now.  Cooper, Norah, & Baby were only a whisper at that point.
It was fun and crazy with so many of us in our little house, but it was wonderful!

Santa sent Norah another letter this year.
When Brad went to Alaska in 2012, he met Santa at the North Pole & told him how much Norah would love a letter each year!
This year she was very interested in Daddy reading it to her.
She laid in her new big girl bed reading and hugging it in between jumps on the bed!
Santa's letters are one of my favorite new traditions.

We celebrated Jenni & Rod's birthdays the day after Christmas before everybody went their separate ways.
It was a short visit, but I do love having family "close" by.