Sunday, February 8, 2015

Christmas 2014

Christmas came and flew right by this year.
I love to get the holiday started long before Thanksgiving so it can last as long as possible.  And I always have a decoration or two that gets left out {by accident} until about May.
Christmas gets better and better each year with Norah.  Last year we heard a lot of "seeeee.... seeeeee!!"  as she pointed to the lights.  This year, as we drove around town, she would point out the lights, tell me what color they were {and they were primarily "yellow" here}, and then she would demand "more lights!"  I looked forward to our drive to work every day & even started taking a new route where we would see lots of lights on our commute.  She loved it... I loved listening to her excitement in the back seat as I drove around!

Omah and Opah came to Texas for a week to celebrate Christmas with us.  Norah really attached to them this time around.  
Omah made her snowman pancakes & Opah gave her piggy back rides throughout the house.
She loved the special attention & hugs!! 

Norah's Uncle Justin sent her a Lambchop puppet for Christmas.  She saw the package when it arrived & keeping it from her until Christmas morning wasn't happening & I'm glad we gave in... it gave her an extra day to appreciate it.  She even tried hanging it from the tree.

On Christmas Eve, we tracked Santa!
Norah loved... I mean LOVED watching him soar over each country delivering presents to kids.  She has recently requested to watch Santa, but we keep having to remind her that he is home in the North Pole.
We went to Christmas Eve mass at 8pm.
She was so well behaved, loved being dressed up in her Christmas dress, & enjoyed singing and reading along with the rest of the congregation.
While we were at church, Bing delivered our Christmas PJs & a small gift for Norah, which meant CHOCOLATE before bed!!  YAAAY!!

And, we finally finished the evening with the traditional reading of 'twas the Night before Christmas.
My favorite memories are of Norah sitting on her daddy's lap being read to!

Norah has become a bit of a scaredy cat this year.  When we explained to her that Santa would come down the chimney and deliver gifts after she fell asleep, she responded with "No, thanks!"  I mean, can you really blame her for being nervous that a man she doesn't know is going to come into her home in the middle of the night??  She's a smart cookie!!
However, when she woke up in the morning to all of her gifts & her new big girl bed, she forgot all about how scary that all sounded and kept asking for more presents.

Two days before Christmas, Norah learned how to use door knobs.  *sigh*  Bad timing, little lady!  And, let me tell you... she is a little escape artist.  She's so quiet you would never know she wasn't still sleeping.
Brad & I were terrified she would wake up in the middle of the night & open all of her gifts, so we set the alarm for 6am & beat her to the punch.  She met us by the tree 45 minutes later with a huge sparkle in her eyes!

This year, we still had to push her to finish opening her gifts.  She always stops with only a handful of gifts left {and of course we save the best ones for last}, so we push her to keep going.  She's not keen on that idea, but when they're gone, she asks for more presents.  Next year, if she doesn't tear them all open in 30 seconds, we will save the remaining ones for later in the day.  Why not carry on the joy throughout the day??

We had a fabulous Christmas!
I was sad to not get our traditional picture in front of the tree this year {or a family Christmas card}.
Like I said, this Christmas seemed to fly by!
I couldn't hold onto it tight enough & it still slipped through my fingers!
But, I loved every second of the season!
Next year, we will have 2 little ones to celebrate the big day with & I couldn't be more excited for Santa's return!