Friday, January 2, 2015


Brad has had some time off over the holidays, which has been nice & allowed us to get all of these Christmas activities checked off the list without cramming them all into weekends.
This particular night we decorated the tree.
I was unwrapping all of the ornaments on our dining room table, so when I would hand them off to Norah to hang on the tree, she certainly favored that particular side of the tree.
She really enjoyed rearranging the ornaments, but for the most part, once the tree was decorated, she was good about keeping everything in place.

This year she hung our angel on the tree.
Daddy held her last year while he hung the angel, but this year, with a lift, she did it all on her own.

Brad made it clear {again} that he is not a fan of colored lights on our tree.  I offered to go out and get white lights {or, better yet, his own tree}, but he amused me for another year...
...and I'm glad he did, because the second Norah saw the bubbles in the bubble lights, her face lit up & she screamed, "BUBBLES!!!"
Who can replace that magical moment with white lights?? :)
So, even if it means they end up on a smaller tree, in a different room, the bubble lights will be as much of a tradition in our home as they were in my mom's!

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