Friday, January 2, 2015

12.11.14 {A Visit with Santa}

Since Norah was terrified of the fireworks at the park & we didn't have the opportunity to go sit on Santa's lap that night, we decided to head down to Bass Pro Shop to check out the Santa there... I had heard great things about the experience there & I knew Brad would be all about going to Bass Pro Shop.

When we arrived, we expected a long line, but we were lucky to only have to wait for about half an hour.
Norah was so excited.  
She kept pointing to Santa & the choo choo!
I thought, "this is going to be a huge hit!"
Boy, was I wrong!!
She was happy up until Daddy handed her off to Santa.
Those smiles immediately turned into a meltdown!
I was actually convinced at one point she was going to be sick & Santa was going to need a wardrobe change.
But, all was better again once Santa handed her a candy cane & she was back in Daddy's arms.

We rode the merry-go-round a few times as Norah waived to Mommy {or Daddy} on each go around & did some browsing!
This was a year of Santa pictures in the books...
...maybe we'll get a smile next year {or two screaming kids}!

After our Santa adventure we went to the mall across the street to find some dinner.
Norah's face lit up as soon as she saw the gift shop to Rain Forest Cafe!  The entire time we were walking around the mall she asked to go back to the "frog."  So, we figured why not eat there for dinner.


As soon as we entered the restaurant, the waitress sat us down under a moving cheetah.


Norah was TERRIFIED & wouldn't leave our laps.  We asked to be moved next to the fish tank, which they were nice enough to do so, but then there was a moving gorilla with a Santa hat in sight.
There wasn't a seat in the entire restaurant that got her away from a moving or roaring animal.
We managed to eat our dinner, while holding Norah.
She didn't take a bite of hers, so we headed home vowing never to return again!
It certainly was a traumatic night for our little 2 year old.

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