Sunday, December 28, 2014

12.6.14 {Our Tree}

After opening our St. Nick's Day gifts, we headed out to find our Christmas tree.  There are very few tree farms here in the Dallas area, but we were able to find one that was about an hour north.
The drive was beautiful!  We were surrounded by farm land & the weather was perfect!  It's strange cutting down a Christmas tree in 70 degree weather.
The tree farm was small.
It didn't even compare to what we were used to in Vermont,
but we were happy to pull up and see trees that were taller than us.
We had to buy pre-cut trees the past two Christmas' when we were in Maryland since none of the local farms could keep up with the population.  So, I was just tickled that we were able to cut one this year!!
We started off taking a hay ride to the fields.
Once we arrived, Norah & Brad set off to find the perfect tree.
They looked up and down every isle, Norah tested them out with hugs, & ran all around them, but we kept going back to the same one near the front of the field... and it really was the PERFECT tree!
The staff was amazing at this little tree farm & really completed the experience.
We will certainly be returning next year.

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