Monday, November 17, 2014

10.26.14 {Our Halloween 2014)

Halloween came rather quickly for me this year.  I couldn't find the motivation to make Norah's Halloween costume being that the temperature was averaging in the high 70's through the end of October.
So, I decided, last minute, that I better put something together quickly, or we were heading out to Target to buy a costume.
The quickest, simplest, cutest thing I could come up with {that I already had most of the materials for} was a Sock Hop girl.
I whipped this bad boy together 2 hours before we had to walk out the door for our neighborhood Trunk or Treat.

This was our first Trunk or Treat experience ever!  They aren't popular in the north.  I had never even heard of them until my Sister-in-Law moved to Texas.
Brad would be traveling for Halloween, so we decided to sneak in some festivities before he left.  It was a small event, but plenty big for Norah.  They had a haunted hay ride that we opted not to go on since she didn't take to the masked people very well.
So, we collected a little candy and headed home.  It was a quiet night, but I'm so glad there were events before Trick or Treating that we could do as a family.

On Halloween night my friend came over with her newborn to walk around the development with us.
I burned dinner after being distracted with fun conversation, so we ordered Chinese food, got the girls in their Halloween costumes, & finally got out the door at 8pm {just in time for Norah's bedtime}.  She was too excited to sleep, though, once she saw all of that candy.  
It finally cooled down & felt like Halloween here.  Most of the porch lights were out by the time we started, but in the 10 or so homes we made it to, Norah made out like a bandit!  We still have candy to last us a few months.  So many of the ladies oohed and ahhed over Norah & how adorable she was!!  She loved it!
We steered clear of anyone in scary masks & by the last 3 homes Norah's tired legs wanted to be carried, so this preggo mama was ready to go home!
It was a wonderful Halloween & I'm so glad to have friends to spend the evening with when our hubbies can't be there with us!

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