Monday, November 3, 2014

09.02.14 & 10.13.14

So, I started my own photography business last month.  I have been loving it & have been oh-so-busy editing the family photos from the sessions!
It makes it difficult to spend the down time editing photos of Norah, because honestly, I would much rather be playing with her & creating memories than editing them.

Norah has grown so much!  She loves to sit on my lap & snuggle under the blankets {especially now that the days are getting cooler... Fall has finally hit Texas!!!}.

She says "Sorry" a lot... which she doesn't really mean because whatever it is she is sorry for, she continues to do as she's giggling & pleading for your forgiveness.

She doesn't understand the meaning of "in a minute" or "one second" because she will constantly ask the same thing over and over again if that is your response.

She LOVES to dance!!  But, never solo!  She is a full on waltzer who needs a partner!

She just started saying "Hi!  I'm Me!" last night {11.2.14}.  Neither Brad, nor myself, know where she picked that up, but it's so cute!!!

Our friend came to visit with her one month old & now Norah is obsessed with babies.
We try to explain to her that there is a baby in Mommy's belly, but she looks at us like we belong in the looney bin.
We also tell her she's getting a baby for her birthday!  I'm not sure she fully understands what that means.
She thinks she's old enough to hold our friend's real life baby, but we give her a baby doll to care for instead... she'll get plenty of practice with her little brother or sister.

She loves to ask us if we're "ok" after we cough or sneeze & LOVES to kiss our boo boos.

And she loves to dress up!!
She usually goes for Doc McStuffins, but Ana from Frozen & Sofia the First are big hits, too.  I love capturing her giving Stitch a check-up!



Norah has recently reached the jumping on the bed phase.  It terrifies me... I envision bruises and busted out teeth when she's in her little toddler bed, but I can handle the jumping on our big king sized bed a little better.  And boy does she love our bed!!

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  1. Those eyes!! Those big, blue eyes!!! They are incredible! Ms. Norah is just beautiful!! xoxo