Monday, July 14, 2014

4th of July

I have come to grips with the fact that I will never blog right after an event, but our photos will end up on the blog eventually. :)

We weren't sure what was going on for the 4th of July festivities.  We threw some ideas out there, but we weren't sure what Brad's schedule looked like until last minute.  So, once we had official word we decided to pack up and head down to San Antonio to spend the weekend with Brad's sister & family!  They always know how to have a good time!
We dressed the kids up in red, white, & blue, & went to their church for a big pancake breakfast!  The kids ran around and danced while we enjoyed a pot luck meal!

That night, their neighbors threw a big gathering!  More food, dancing, AND SNOW BALLS!!  Where does one get snow balls in southern Texas in the middle of JULY?!?
The kids had a great time running around throwing them at each other.  Norah kept digging in the cooler, but came up empty handed most times.  Really, I think she was just in the way of most of the other kids, but she was happy.
She may have even got trampled at one point in time. Poor kiddo!!  But, she got right back up & Tre was so sweet to make her a snow ball of her own out of what was left in the cooler.  She carried it around for a while and eventually threw it at nothing and nobody.  :)

Earlier in the day, while Norah napped, Presley decorated her scooter for the big bicycle parade {an annual event in the neighborhood}.  Once the fireworks started & the rain started falling from the clouds, Presley went inside, so Norah did the honors of showing off Presley's hard work.  She was THRILLED!!  Smiling from ear to ear!
Shortly after, we followed Presley inside and the girls had a dance off with streamers, watched Peppa Pig, & snacked on strawberries.
They were happy to be away from the "booms" as Norah would call them.
But, I couldn't let the whole day pass without her lighting her own sparkler, so back outside we went for a few minutes to catch some of the action.

It was a wonderful holiday.  I love when the kids get together to play!  Norah certainly loves spending time with them and misses them when they are gone.

haha... poor Tre!!

The next morning the kids got up, played outside for a bit, & we hit the road.
It was a short visit, but certainly not the last!!

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  1. Love the 4th of July photos. It looks like fun for all and Norah looks so cute in her Red, White and Blue����