Tuesday, July 1, 2014


Ok.  It's no surprise we spend a lot of time out at the water table while Daddy is at work.
We spend a lot of time at the pool when he is home, but I haven't had the guts to take my camera with me and leave it unattended.
I swear we do other things, I just rarely lug my camera with me these days, so they end up on my phone, never to escape. ;)

It rained a lot last weekend.
I think it's the most rain the Dallas area has seen this season.  We were ok with that... free lawn watering! :)
The rain didn't keep us inside, though.
Norah had a blast running around and catching rain drops in her cup.

She is growing so much these days.
Every time she wakes up, she's a little bit taller & her vocabulary is sprouting!
Her newest words are "more, tree, stuck, boo boo, baby, bowl {for when she wants cereal}, Ariel {every mermaid is Ariel} & Popeye."  
She calls for us frequently!
If one of us disappears in the grocery store she will call out "MOM" or "DADDY" until we return.  I'm sure the other shoppers love that!
She has learned how to kiss on the lips.
Whenever we would ask for a kiss in the past, she would always lean her forehead towards our lips.  It's nice that she shows more affection these days, but she still tells us "no" if we ask her if she loves us.  We're still working on that one!  She loves to kiss/have her boo boos kissed. And she all out sprints these days.  She's hard to keep up with sometimes!

{Aunt Jenni, I found a mermaid in the yard after you left!  I promise it will come with us on our next visit!  Norah has been enjoying it while she can, though}.

And, due to all of the rain, we were greeted by the most beautiful sunsets on the last day of storms.  I don't think I've ever seen anything like it!

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