Thursday, June 19, 2014


This was our last day in San Antonio before leaving for our new home in Dallas.
There were more dance parties & lots of snuggles with the girls.

When we left San Antonio it POURED!  Brad & Rod packed the Uhaul quickly while tromping through the river that was flowing down the street.
I was so nervous to be traveling in the bad weather, especially with a trailer in tow, but just outside of Austin there was sunshine & traffic.  Lots of Memorial Day traffic.
Brad swore we could get further by going on the Farm to Market roads {and for those of you who aren't from Texas and have never heard of such a thing, they're roads that run parallel to the tollways.  They don't have tolls, but, unlike the tollways, they have traffic lights and stop signs}.  For a while we were doing great, beating the traffic until we hit road work and the road would just dead end out of nowhere.  We took a few detours & the trip was much longer than expected, but we finally arrived HOME around 7:30!  Just in time to see friends and prepare for the movers to come in the morning.
  It's so nice to have a place we call home again!

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