Thursday, June 19, 2014


This was by far one of my favorite days at the Sclater house!
The kids played outside at the water table while Omah, Jenni, & I caught up!
We haven't seen Jenni & the family since Presley was less than a year old!
There was a lot to catch up on!!

The kiddos had a screaming match to see who could scream the loudest and longest 
& pushed each other around in the dump truck.  
After the kiddos got filthy from splashing around & playing with dirt they took baths.
Presley "braided" Norah's hair {because let's be honest, all of the cool princesses wear braids in their hair} and then everyone gathered around to watch Frozen for the umpteenth time.

It sounds simple, but those can be the best days!  Worry free & happy surrounded by great company!

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