Saturday, June 14, 2014

04.27.14 {Norah's 2nd Birthday Party}

Back in April we gathered up Norah's closest friends in Maryland & got together for a birthday party at the gymnastics center!
We had the big move to Texas right around the corner & with packing & planning the trip I just didn't have the time to put something together, so we decided since she loves her gymnastics classes so much, why not just throw a party there!  It made life easier for everyone & was so much more fun than any party I could have ever thought up!

Right before our move my laptop was malfunctioning.  I had uploaded all of my pictures from this big day onto my laptop, but when it kept crashing I had very little time to transfer them all over to an SD card before it called it quits.
I shipped my laptop out for repairs & when we hit San Antonio I wanted to double check that the pictures were still on the SD card, but my camera kept informing me that the memory card was empty.
I cried.
Brad kept telling me to stop worrying...
...they would show up, but I had my doubts.
I had checked EVERY memory card I own... MULTIPLE TIMES praying they would show up, but they never did!
When my laptop arrived yesterday, I went to upload all of my photos from our travels & guess what... THEY WERE ALL ON THERE! 
I still haven't figured out why my camera didn't see them, but I'm just happy I was able to retrieve them. :)

For my birthday/Mother's Day, Brad bought me a new photo editing software.
I'll admit, I'm clueless & not very good with it{and the lighting in the gymnastics center was HORRIBLE}...
but I'll keep on trying to figure out the software & all of this photography stuff.
In the meantime, I don't care how horribly edited they are... I'm just glad we have these memories captured!

I searched the entire town for a gymnastics theme cake... when I came up short there I started looking for Frozen theme cakes.  Again, no luck, so we went for her next favorite movie... Tangled.  Norah loved it!!

We had such a great time celebrating turning 2!  We miss you all so very much!
Thank you all for coming out and making Norah's birthday so special!

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