Saturday, June 21, 2014


Last week we received a text from Brad's sister asking if we would like some company.
Now that the kids are out of school there is more time for visits!
Of course we said yes!
After all, that's why we chose the 4 bedroom house... the more guests, the merrier!

So, on Monday morning Jenni packed her van full of 5 kiddos and made the 5 hour trek up the middle of Texas!
Norah was THRILLED when Baby Cooper walked through the door!

Norah was so sad when all of the kids left to go home.  She kept wanting to get into Jenni's van.  It was a short visit, but certainly not the last!  We'll see you in a few weeks!!

Friday, June 20, 2014


While we scurried around to unpack, Norah played at her water table.  Best investment EVER!!
It took some time before we could get access to the pool, so it was nice that she had a way to cool off in the hot Texas sun!
She asks for her shoes every morning, points out the "bees" that collected in the water overnight, & after about an hour of splish splashing she comes back inside soaking wet.
We repeat this at least 3 times a day.


When we were house hunting, our realtor showed us 7 homes.  Some two story, most single story.  Some had water parks for their pools {which made those homes so much more tempting to lease}, but the home that really caught our eye was the home with the HUGE {for this area} back yard!
The morning after we returned to our home, Norah was beyond excited to explore her new surroundings.  She absolutely loved our back yard, too.  We spend so much time out there!

Thursday, June 19, 2014


This was our last day in San Antonio before leaving for our new home in Dallas.
There were more dance parties & lots of snuggles with the girls.

When we left San Antonio it POURED!  Brad & Rod packed the Uhaul quickly while tromping through the river that was flowing down the street.
I was so nervous to be traveling in the bad weather, especially with a trailer in tow, but just outside of Austin there was sunshine & traffic.  Lots of Memorial Day traffic.
Brad swore we could get further by going on the Farm to Market roads {and for those of you who aren't from Texas and have never heard of such a thing, they're roads that run parallel to the tollways.  They don't have tolls, but, unlike the tollways, they have traffic lights and stop signs}.  For a while we were doing great, beating the traffic until we hit road work and the road would just dead end out of nowhere.  We took a few detours & the trip was much longer than expected, but we finally arrived HOME around 7:30!  Just in time to see friends and prepare for the movers to come in the morning.
  It's so nice to have a place we call home again!


This was by far one of my favorite days at the Sclater house!
The kids played outside at the water table while Omah, Jenni, & I caught up!
We haven't seen Jenni & the family since Presley was less than a year old!
There was a lot to catch up on!!

The kiddos had a screaming match to see who could scream the loudest and longest 
& pushed each other around in the dump truck.  
After the kiddos got filthy from splashing around & playing with dirt they took baths.
Presley "braided" Norah's hair {because let's be honest, all of the cool princesses wear braids in their hair} and then everyone gathered around to watch Frozen for the umpteenth time.

It sounds simple, but those can be the best days!  Worry free & happy surrounded by great company!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014


We returned to San Antonio on Thursday, after being away from Norah for 4 days.
We found a house to move our little family into & we were even able to find one with extra room for visitors, so come on over!!

The following day Omah arrived to take in all of the fun of the littles running around and playing.  We attempted a group photo, but let's be honest, it's hard to get 5 to sit still and smile, {& I haven't the slightest idea where Tre was during the picture, so we will need to revisit this photo session during the next family gathering}!

Norah was having fun dancing with Presley & Cooper!  
They are so much fun when they are together!
  Norah & Presley are like sisters.  
We had a lot of fun dressing them alike & watching them butt heads over toys.
It's so nice to have them closer, but Norah sure misses her little playmates when they're apart!

Sunday, June 15, 2014


On May 15th, we packed up the car & said goodbye to our little military home in Maryland!
Brad got a Uhaul so he didn't have to put his precious motorcycle in the hands of the movers.  When he returned to the house with a Vermont Uhaul I hoped it was a good sign!

Norah cried as we packed up the house, I cried when we said goodbye to all of our neighbor's kids before heading off to school.
There's something about saying goodbye to the kiddos that really pulls at the heart strings.
They totally get it & it's so much harder for them to cope with the realities of moving than it is for us adults!
Saying goodbye to our great friends was equally has heart wrenching!
We made some great friends in Maryland... some went to Japan, others to California, & the rest stayed right where they are in Maryland.
We always hope & pray we can be reunited with everyone down the road!

We stopped at the grocery store to pick up some snacks before leaving town.  Norah had fallen asleep in the cart before we ever got out of the store.  I'm not sure if that was a good thing, but with the amount of fear I had for this trip, Norah did wonderfully!
She smiled 99% of the time she was awake!
The car was equipped with a DVD player.
The Lorax played on repeat through 3 states.
The back seat was full of toys, babies, & the iPad close by.
Whatever made her happy.
And she was happy.
Which made us happy.

Brad drove about 14 hours straight to his cousin's house outside of Nashville.
We were so excited to arrive even though he wasn't there.  We were going to meet his lady for the first time!!  And let me tell you, she's as awesome as he tells us she is!!
In the morning it was a quick meet up with Katie before she went to work, but we stuck around to Skype with Craig in Afghanistan!
Norah chased the cats around & got into everything {sorry Craig & Katie}!  Thank you so much for opening your door to us!  We can't wait for a longer visit once you're home, Craig!

We got back on the road that morning & drove from Nashville to a hotel in New Boston {right over the Texas border}.  The GPS added a few hours to our trip by taking us on back roads instead of keeping us on the highway in Arkansas.
There was a lack of bathrooms and gas stations.  It was a bit miserable, but lesson learned... the GPS is not always right.
Norah was still happy.

And, after breakfast the next morning we got back on the road for the last leg of the trip to San Antonio to spend a week with Brad's sister & family!
This leg of the trip was frustrating for Norah.  It was obvious she had had enough.
We tried to remind her that we only had a few hours to go, but it's hard to reason with a 2 year old, sometimes.

We arrived at the Sclater's a little after dinner on the 17th & WHAT A BLAST we had the time we were there!!
Norah loved being surrounded by kids!
She learned to share & how to climb up & down the stairs without help.
She says "me" a lot now & loves "choo choos."
She experienced being away from both of us for the first time in her life!
That was so hard on all of us!
But, nothing beat the hugs we received when we returned to San Antonio after house hunting in Dallas.
I felt like she grew so much in the short time we were there.

Maddox was obsessed with Brad's motorcycle!
He kept asking to go for a ride, so with everyone's approval, they geared up and went for a very slow paced ride around the block.
Tre even got in on the fun...
...I still have not.

Thank you for such a wonderful time, Jenni & Rod!  We are looking forward to the next visit!