Monday, April 28, 2014


We woke up on Easter Sunday to find the Easter Bunny had arrived!
Norah was so excited to see a basket full of presents.  We had to tell her not to expect presents every day as she celebrated her birthday while presents trickled in through the mail & now a big basket full of gifts!!
This girl is so loved {and spoiled}!
Her basket was filled with a few Rapunzel toys & the movie Tangled!
Norah was tickled pink & loves that movie about as much as Frozen!!
Don't think that the Easter Bunny is a cruel little fella by giving Norah a tooth brush and tooth paste.  She LOOOVES to brush her teeth!  She was just about as excited about that as the chocolate bunny hidden behind it!

After we opened our gifts, we finally got around to dying our eggs.  Norah didn't understand that it was best to dye one egg at a time.  No... she loaded as many into the blue cup as she could fit!  We would take the finished eggs out of the dye, put them in the crate, & she would dip them into a new color.
We had a few funky looking eggs {and even some cracked ones}, but all in all she had a blast.  I may have to start dying all of my hard boiled eggs throughout the year!  It's a great hands on activity!

And, while Norah napped in the afternoon, the Easter Bunny came back and hid the eggs in the back yard.  We got ready for church & Norah headed out back to look for her eggs.
It was a beautiful Easter celebration!

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