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04.12.14 {Turning Two}

On Norah's birthday, just like every Saturday morning, we woke up and went to gymnastics.
Norah tumbled, flipped, & walked on the balance beams.  She loves her time at the gymnastics center & we will be so sad to leave the kiddos here & her coaches in a few weeks.
We intend on enrolling her in another gym in Texas, but this gym will always hold a special place in our hearts!
We had a little scare at gymnastics... of course it would happen on Norah's birthday.  These things always seem to happen on special days.  
When Norah was hanging from the bars, she fell off... when she got up to walk, she fell.  She kept falling with every step she took!  We were so afraid she broke or tore something, but there was no screaming or crying!  She didn't seem to be in pain at all, she just couldn't walk without falling.  So, she went to a safe spot that required no walking... the sit & spins.  After 10 minutes, or so, she got back up to walk & had a limp... falling here and there.  We really debated taking her to urgent care, but thought if she wasn't showing any signs of pain, it probably wasn't as big of a deal as we were making it out to be {first parent problems}!!  
A fellow mom of two boys kept insisting that she would shake it in a little bit.  Her boys do it all of the time!  Again, good thing we started off with a girl.  I would have gone grey with boys!!
So, after debating how we should spend her birthday, in urgent care or celebrating, we decided that we would give it time & see how everything looked after some rest.
We drove to Baltimore, allowing her & her leg to rest for almost 2 hours.
We still didn't know what we were going to do once in Baltimore, but decided to play it by ear and grab a bite to eat, first.
Norah received a phone call from her Uncle Craig who is stationed in Afghanistan right now!  It was the best surprise!
It's always nice to hear from him and hear that he is doing well!

We walked around the Inner Harbor looking for a good place for lunch.
We had been to Hard Rock many times {mainly because it's one of my favorite restaurants}, so Brad didn't really want to go back.
The quick "order and eat" restaurants like Chipotle had lines out the doors & absolutely no tables available, so we chose the place with the shortest wait time... Bubba Gump!
Norah picked flowers & climbed up the stairs outside the restaurant while we waited.  Her leg seemed to be back to 99% {with a slight limp} by the time we arrived in Baltimore.
We had never been to Bubba Gump & since they had a veggie burger on the menu, I was really excited to give it a try.
Unfortunately it wasn't our favorite restaurant.
They had signs on the tables "Run Forest Run" and "Stop Forest Stop."  The ONLY way to get anyone to stop {even to take our order} was to switch the sign {but, nobody told us that, so we sat and waited for far too long to have our order taken}.  And, I'm really not sure who our waiter ever was... it was somebody new each time.  Norah was impatient and hungry at this point & really was not in the mood to sit still and wait for food.  The girl wanted to run {thank goodness all was well with her leg again}!

By the time we got out of the restaurant it was almost 3pm.  We talked about going to the National Aquarium, but strollers aren't allowed & as I said before Norah's patience were limited, so we decided to head over to Port Discovery, the children's museum.
It was the best decision for her special day.
Sadly, they closed at 5pm, so time was limited.

Norah had so much fun playing in the grocery store & collecting all of the pancake mix available.  As expected, the water room was her favorite!  Due to the large task of cleaning up that room, they closed earlier than the rest of the museum.  She was very sad to have to leave.  We will definitely be finding another Children's Museum in Texas and will plan better so she can spend her whole day there if she pleases.

I'm so bummed this picture didn't come out.  Norah loved the train & kept peeking her head out of the conductor's window.  I kept missing the shot, but it was still cute even though it was blurry & out of focus.

On our way home, the sun was setting.  It was a beautiful sunset over the Solomons Island bridge!  We stopped at Firehouse Subs & got sandwiches to go for dinner.  We quickly ate when we got home & then took Norah out to the garage to open her gifts.  It was well past her bedtime at this point & very dark outside, so we decided the garage would be the best place for her to get a quick ride in with her new car!
She was so excited!
This girl LOVES cars!!
And this is her first battery operated one!
She has some driving lessons in her near future.

At this point she saw the "Frozen" logo on her gift & broke out in a "Let it Go" performance!

Her Uncle Justin sent her a gift, but we decided to wait until her birthday to open it!
She loves Lilo & Stitch.  Next to Frozen & Tangled, it's probably her favorite. 
Every Saturday morning, they play the soundtrack at gymnastics.  She's bound to be an Elvis Presley fan!
Stitch got big hugs from Norah!
Thank you, Justin!

Happy birthday to our sweet 2 year old!
We love you so much more every single day!
Just when we think it's not possible to love you more, we do!
Your personality is beaming!!
I love seeing the world through your eyes!
I'm so excited to see what 2 holds for you!
You are growing up to be a sweet, loving, & caring little girl!
We love you!!

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