Sunday, April 13, 2014


Last Sunday, before church, we made an early trip to base to play on the playground & the beach.
Norah loves... that's an understatement... I mean LOOOOVES the playground.  We spend most of our days playing on the swings and slides.  Take your pick... this area has TONS of playgrounds to choose from!
This particular playground is right next to the beach, and when we went with our friend C last week, Norah spotted it as we were getting in the car to leave.  I promised her we would come back to play on it soon... so, we did!

When we finished up on the playground, we headed down to the beach with shovel and pail in hand...
Norah & Daddy scoped out the ladybugs on the driftwood & Daddy panned for gold in the ocean waters.  Norah is learning about new animals and bugs everyday!  She loves mimicking them all {her fishy face is the best}!

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