Monday, April 7, 2014


When we first moved to Lexington Park there was this teenie tiny baby that used to sit a few pews in front of us at church.
We would talk to his parents here and there & would just melt every time we saw him.
Then, almost a year after moving here, we joined the CrossFit gym, only to find out that sweet little boy's Daddy would be my coach.
And, since the boys practically live there, his Mommy & I became great friends.
She has really been one of my best friends here in Maryland.
Between the kiddo's schedules, Brad's work schedule, and the cold, snowy winter we got this year, we didn't get to see eachother much {thank goodness for texts to stay in touch everyday}.  We used to go to play group together every Thursday, but when it relocated to renovate the community center, we both stopped going.
They brought it back to our development this past Thursday & we were so thrilled to see C & his mommy there!!
The hour of play time was just not enough time to catch up on the past couple of months, so we packed the cars and headed to the beach to watch the planes fly overhead and share Goldfish.
We love this family & will be so sad when we all part ways for sunnier weather.

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