Thursday, April 3, 2014


Spring is slowly making an appearance here in Southern Maryland.  We have been waiting a long, cold & snowy winter for this nicer weather.
Every time the sun makes an appearance we run out the door to burn off some energy 
and soak up the vitamin D.
Norah loves playgrounds.
She had her first meltdown yesterday when it was time to leave the playground {because the sun was setting} & every time we pass one on our walks she points and gets so excited to go play!  It's nice to know her life doesn't revolve around what is on TV.

Norah is terrified of the moving bridge on the playground.  She loves it & wants to go across frequently, but she is very cautious!

She has graduated from the baby swing & right into the big girl swing.
It makes me nervous!  I'm waiting for her to jump off without warning and landing face first into the mulch...

Gymnastics has clearly paid off because she turns everything into a balance beam... but, again, very cautious... always holding Daddy's hand!  Is it obvious that her concerns are my fault.  Thank goodness we had a girl first.  We would have raised the wimpiest boy ever!

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  1. I can't get over how straight her hair is! I love littles with bob cuts!