Friday, March 7, 2014


When I don't pay attention to what is going on in the other room & Norah is so quiet until I call her name, I get a little suspicious.
When I walked into the dining room to see what she was doing I caught her coloring on the floor... I mean the actual floor {thank goodness for Magic Erasers}!!
So, after I provided Norah with a piece of paper to do her coloring on,
I captured a few shots to freeze these moments in time.  

I love watching her do her own thing.  She was always the type of baby who could entertain herself.
While I was working from home I never had to worry about her.  She was so self sufficient.
But, since I stopped working she has been attached to my hip.  She has needed a playmate most of the time.
Seeing her relax in her own space where all seems so steady makes my heart smile!
There's just something about these peaceful moments... I cherish them!

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