Thursday, February 27, 2014


Norah has been running around naked for the past few days.
She has shown all of the signs of being ready to potty train without any extra encouragement from us.  Actually, I wasn't quite ready to start this project all over again.  We were having really good luck with her first introduction to the potty back before Thanksgiving, but with the hustle and bustle of the holidays we found we were constantly putting diapers on her.  So, when we tried again, we were back at square one, but this time Norah wasn't at all interested.
So, we took a few steps back & just kept her potty visible to her for the past few months.  She rarely looked at it, let alone used it.

Last week she started sitting on it fully clothed or telling us she had already gone potty in her diaper.  And then, one day, she didn't want to wear any clothes.  I almost wish she would have started this project in the summer, but I'll just keep cranking the heat so she doesn't freeze.
Really, I don't think there is anything cuter than a naked baby running around the house all day.

Tonight, I caught her watching Sophia the First, coloring in her Sophia coloring book {with a purple crayon, mind you because Sophia is all about the color purple...}, and wearing her princess crown.  This girl loves Sophia the First & Doc McStuffins.  She just can't get enough.
Disney Junior also has little clips of Nina Needs to Go.  It's a show about a little girl learning to potty train.  From the day they aired she couldn't keep her eyes off of the TV.  I think we have Nina to thank for this new found interest.

We definitely aren't rushing this potty training bit.  There will be no "potty training bootcamp" in this house.  If it sticks, then GREAT.  If not, well, she's not even 2.  We have plenty of time.
I'm just very excited that she takes the initiative to put herself on the potty & tells me "yes" and "no" when I ask if she has to go.
AND, we have had VERY few accidents!  She's a pro at this!!
Talk about a proud Mommy/Daddy moment! 

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