Monday, February 17, 2014


Valentine's Day snuck up on us this year!
None of us were prepared.
We didn't buy gifts & I didn't even have crafts planned out for Norah.
It was all very last minute, so I made some heart coloring pages & took the oh-so-popular craft from Pinterest & let Norah play with paint & the heart shaped toilet paper roll.
She loves paint!!
I dread the mess that follows, but it's worth it in the end to see all of those smiles on her face!

Norah is growing by leaps and bounds lately.
She has full conversations with us.
We don't always know what she's saying, but whatever it is, she sure has a lot to say.
She is learning to jump off the ground while saying "jump, jump" in her sweet little voice.
Tonight, as Brad read her a bedtime story, she pulled a tutu off of her dresser, put it on & began twirling in circles... falling down at times from being so dizzy.
She stood on a book that was laying on her floor, using it as her stage as she sang us a song.  She had the most bashful smile on her face.  She is such an enterainer!
I thought, as I helped her down the stairs today, how soon she will be saying full sentences {ones we will understand}, how she won't need to hold my hand to help her down the stairs.
She's growing up so fast.

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