Tuesday, February 4, 2014


As a kid, Brad had a talking Big Bird doll with a tape deck in his back {think Teddy Ruxpin}.  His parents had been holding onto Big Bird all these years!  When they moved to Arizona they sent up two big boxes of memories & Big Bird was a part of the mix!
I was so excited!
We didn't have kids, yet, and sadly the talking feature of Big Bird no longer works, but I was willing to lug that thing all over the place to make sure it was still around for the day we did have kids to play with it.
Big Bird sits in our living room daily.  He is often occupying one of Norah's chairs or sitting in one of her cars.  He has been present for most of Norah's life, but it wasn't until recently that Norah has made a friend of him.
She carries Big Bird all over the house {which is a site to see considering he is as big as she is} or she's pushing him around on her push car... Always crying if he falls off as she turns a corner.  I may just build a seat belt into that little car!
But, she loves him & I love that she does!
I am thrilled my in-laws thought to hang onto this memory of Brad's and now Norah can share similar memories!

{Asleep again}

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