Monday, February 3, 2014


I was oh so sick last week.
I haven't been to the ER since I was in college & I haven't been in so much pain in my life... no, really... NEVER!

The year before Brad and I got married I had a root canal.  I'm pretty sure that was the worst procedure ever!!!  Well, last weekend, the same tooth peeked it's terrible little head out and decided to get irritated all over again.  It was a million times worse than the first time!  I looked like Quasimodo, my face was so swollen from the abscessed.
My dentist put me on all sorts of medications that didn't work & my face continued to swell, so off to the ER we went to help it all along.
Long story short, it turns out the initial root canal wasn't completed and I have the joys of going through it all over again.

So, through all of the pain & swelling I was out of commission for four days.  Brad was in charge all weekend.  I rarely left our bed... I barely opened my eyes.  I drank two milk shakes from McDonald's in four days {because Brad made me}.
Norah got used to it just being her & Daddy!

I was greeted with the sweetest "Hi, Mum Mum!" the few times I trecked downstairs for more water.  I missed them!  It was nice to finally get out of bed & back to reality on Monday, even if I wasn't completely out of the woods yet.  Brad went back to work & I put the Mom hat back on!
When bed time rolled around Monday night I sat in Norah's room for two hours trying every possible way to get her to fall asleep, but got nowhere fast.  If I left her room she SCREAMED bloody murder.  Our walls are pretty paper thin in our town homes & Norah's room butts up with the neighbor kid's.  I was so worried her screaming was going to keep him up... the poor kid had school the next day.  So, for two hours I sat in her room and she was still wide awake.  Luckily, Brad came home early & was with her for 5 minutes before she fell asleep.  I was pretty sure she had just gotten out of her routine of me putting her to bed & needed her Daddy.  

The following night she went down pretty easily, but shortly after Brad came home she woke up and it was another 2 hours of fighting to get her to sleep.  I made a drastic decision that night... one I sure wasn't ready to make... I had decided that Norah wasn't taking anymore afternoon naps.  I miss those naps.  I miss my naps or my extra opportunity to get something done around the house, but I don't miss sitting in her room for 2 hours until she decides she might be ready to fall asleep.
So, in the past week, I find Norah falling asleep in mid-play.  So, I let her snooze for a bit, but not too too long!
Bedtime has been a breeze since.

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  1. So sorry to hear about your tooth :-( Tooth pain and infections are so horrible. Praying that it will all be resolved soon. Glad Brad was able to be home to care for you and Norah. Norah looks like she is wiped out from playing so hard. Does she ever stop? Hi sleepy Norah…Love you..