Monday, February 3, 2014


Two weeks ago we had a little hiccup with our heater.  Brad had diagnosed the issue... the motor was about to call it quits.  I called maintenance to come out and fix it before we lost heat completely, but they said because the motor wasn't actually broken and it wasn't making the awful sound we had heard the night before while they were here looking at it there was nothing they could do.
So, we woke up the next day with a broken heater and limited to no heat.  I tried to bundle Norah up, but she loves to peel off the layers.  I can't blame her... who wants to sit around with 10 layers on?!
We had gotten a fresh layer of snow the night before.  I have felt terrible not allowing Norah to go out and play, but it seems as if each time we get snow, we also get wind chills in the single digits.  She's just too itty bitty to be out in that kind of cold.
So, I brought the cold inside... well, the snow anyway.  I filled a bowl up with snow & Norah had a great time spooning it into a cupcake pan & painting it with food colors.
She didn't actually touch the snow much except with a spoon.  She really enjoyed it while it lasted & made a good mess of the food coloring.

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  1. This reminds me of what my Mom used to do for us. She would bring snow in the house and we would have Sugar on Snow. So yummy! Snow cupcakes are good too! :-)
    Come to AZ for some warmth.. Winter can be cold on little children and they prefer to be inside. Love you..