Thursday, February 27, 2014


Norah has been running around naked for the past few days.
She has shown all of the signs of being ready to potty train without any extra encouragement from us.  Actually, I wasn't quite ready to start this project all over again.  We were having really good luck with her first introduction to the potty back before Thanksgiving, but with the hustle and bustle of the holidays we found we were constantly putting diapers on her.  So, when we tried again, we were back at square one, but this time Norah wasn't at all interested.
So, we took a few steps back & just kept her potty visible to her for the past few months.  She rarely looked at it, let alone used it.

Last week she started sitting on it fully clothed or telling us she had already gone potty in her diaper.  And then, one day, she didn't want to wear any clothes.  I almost wish she would have started this project in the summer, but I'll just keep cranking the heat so she doesn't freeze.
Really, I don't think there is anything cuter than a naked baby running around the house all day.

Tonight, I caught her watching Sophia the First, coloring in her Sophia coloring book {with a purple crayon, mind you because Sophia is all about the color purple...}, and wearing her princess crown.  This girl loves Sophia the First & Doc McStuffins.  She just can't get enough.
Disney Junior also has little clips of Nina Needs to Go.  It's a show about a little girl learning to potty train.  From the day they aired she couldn't keep her eyes off of the TV.  I think we have Nina to thank for this new found interest.

We definitely aren't rushing this potty training bit.  There will be no "potty training bootcamp" in this house.  If it sticks, then GREAT.  If not, well, she's not even 2.  We have plenty of time.
I'm just very excited that she takes the initiative to put herself on the potty & tells me "yes" and "no" when I ask if she has to go.
AND, we have had VERY few accidents!  She's a pro at this!!
Talk about a proud Mommy/Daddy moment! 

Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Ahhh... Valentine's Day.
What can I say... my husband is so good to me!
After working a day shift, he came home early with beautiful white roses for me & Norah.
Norah & I continued with our tradition of giving Brad a picture of Norah.
I started this when I was still pregnant & this was our third photo shoot.  She wasn't too keen on it this year, but I was lucky enough to get a few smiles out of her for Brad's card.
I can't help but giggle when I look at those teary eyes.  A heart breaker, she is!

Monday, February 17, 2014


Valentine's Day snuck up on us this year!
None of us were prepared.
We didn't buy gifts & I didn't even have crafts planned out for Norah.
It was all very last minute, so I made some heart coloring pages & took the oh-so-popular craft from Pinterest & let Norah play with paint & the heart shaped toilet paper roll.
She loves paint!!
I dread the mess that follows, but it's worth it in the end to see all of those smiles on her face!

Norah is growing by leaps and bounds lately.
She has full conversations with us.
We don't always know what she's saying, but whatever it is, she sure has a lot to say.
She is learning to jump off the ground while saying "jump, jump" in her sweet little voice.
Tonight, as Brad read her a bedtime story, she pulled a tutu off of her dresser, put it on & began twirling in circles... falling down at times from being so dizzy.
She stood on a book that was laying on her floor, using it as her stage as she sang us a song.  She had the most bashful smile on her face.  She is such an enterainer!
I thought, as I helped her down the stairs today, how soon she will be saying full sentences {ones we will understand}, how she won't need to hold my hand to help her down the stairs.
She's growing up so fast.

Saturday, February 15, 2014


After a lot of snow days we finally had a day where the sun decided to peak out from behind the clouds and bring temps somewhere near 50 degrees (but, not quite).  It was still pretty chilly outside, but any chance we have to get out of the house, we take it.  I bundled Norah up & off to the playground we went.  She climbed around & enjoyed the fresh air for about 15 minutes until she stepped right into a freezing puddle of melted snow.  So, we headed home to get her wet socks and shoes off and warm up her toes.
When we got home Norah found her Cozy Coupe in the garage & insisted I brought it inside.
Why not...

Tuesday, February 4, 2014


As a kid, Brad had a talking Big Bird doll with a tape deck in his back {think Teddy Ruxpin}.  His parents had been holding onto Big Bird all these years!  When they moved to Arizona they sent up two big boxes of memories & Big Bird was a part of the mix!
I was so excited!
We didn't have kids, yet, and sadly the talking feature of Big Bird no longer works, but I was willing to lug that thing all over the place to make sure it was still around for the day we did have kids to play with it.
Big Bird sits in our living room daily.  He is often occupying one of Norah's chairs or sitting in one of her cars.  He has been present for most of Norah's life, but it wasn't until recently that Norah has made a friend of him.
She carries Big Bird all over the house {which is a site to see considering he is as big as she is} or she's pushing him around on her push car... Always crying if he falls off as she turns a corner.  I may just build a seat belt into that little car!
But, she loves him & I love that she does!
I am thrilled my in-laws thought to hang onto this memory of Brad's and now Norah can share similar memories!

{Asleep again}

Monday, February 3, 2014


I was oh so sick last week.
I haven't been to the ER since I was in college & I haven't been in so much pain in my life... no, really... NEVER!

The year before Brad and I got married I had a root canal.  I'm pretty sure that was the worst procedure ever!!!  Well, last weekend, the same tooth peeked it's terrible little head out and decided to get irritated all over again.  It was a million times worse than the first time!  I looked like Quasimodo, my face was so swollen from the abscessed.
My dentist put me on all sorts of medications that didn't work & my face continued to swell, so off to the ER we went to help it all along.
Long story short, it turns out the initial root canal wasn't completed and I have the joys of going through it all over again.

So, through all of the pain & swelling I was out of commission for four days.  Brad was in charge all weekend.  I rarely left our bed... I barely opened my eyes.  I drank two milk shakes from McDonald's in four days {because Brad made me}.
Norah got used to it just being her & Daddy!

I was greeted with the sweetest "Hi, Mum Mum!" the few times I trecked downstairs for more water.  I missed them!  It was nice to finally get out of bed & back to reality on Monday, even if I wasn't completely out of the woods yet.  Brad went back to work & I put the Mom hat back on!
When bed time rolled around Monday night I sat in Norah's room for two hours trying every possible way to get her to fall asleep, but got nowhere fast.  If I left her room she SCREAMED bloody murder.  Our walls are pretty paper thin in our town homes & Norah's room butts up with the neighbor kid's.  I was so worried her screaming was going to keep him up... the poor kid had school the next day.  So, for two hours I sat in her room and she was still wide awake.  Luckily, Brad came home early & was with her for 5 minutes before she fell asleep.  I was pretty sure she had just gotten out of her routine of me putting her to bed & needed her Daddy.  

The following night she went down pretty easily, but shortly after Brad came home she woke up and it was another 2 hours of fighting to get her to sleep.  I made a drastic decision that night... one I sure wasn't ready to make... I had decided that Norah wasn't taking anymore afternoon naps.  I miss those naps.  I miss my naps or my extra opportunity to get something done around the house, but I don't miss sitting in her room for 2 hours until she decides she might be ready to fall asleep.
So, in the past week, I find Norah falling asleep in mid-play.  So, I let her snooze for a bit, but not too too long!
Bedtime has been a breeze since.


Two weeks ago we had a little hiccup with our heater.  Brad had diagnosed the issue... the motor was about to call it quits.  I called maintenance to come out and fix it before we lost heat completely, but they said because the motor wasn't actually broken and it wasn't making the awful sound we had heard the night before while they were here looking at it there was nothing they could do.
So, we woke up the next day with a broken heater and limited to no heat.  I tried to bundle Norah up, but she loves to peel off the layers.  I can't blame her... who wants to sit around with 10 layers on?!
We had gotten a fresh layer of snow the night before.  I have felt terrible not allowing Norah to go out and play, but it seems as if each time we get snow, we also get wind chills in the single digits.  She's just too itty bitty to be out in that kind of cold.
So, I brought the cold inside... well, the snow anyway.  I filled a bowl up with snow & Norah had a great time spooning it into a cupcake pan & painting it with food colors.
She didn't actually touch the snow much except with a spoon.  She really enjoyed it while it lasted & made a good mess of the food coloring.


Here we are... our PJs...
I LOVE IT!!! :)


This winter has been pretty cold & snowy.
Not my favorite scenario especially when you have a child who cries at the thought of even walking across the snow.  She is definitely my child when it comes to snow, winter, and the cold.  She is a Florida baby, after all.  Norah loves to look at the snow from the inside, but the idea of playing in it is a different story altogether.  So, we have been spending a lot of time inside.  It's great that Santa was so good to Norah.  She has loved all of her new toys &, surprisingly, has not gotten bored of them, yet.  She even takes time to roll out with me on the foam roller.

We spend a lot of time in our PJs here at the DeRoo house.  I really need to get out of that habit, but at least I know Norah's toes are warm since she will typically pull her socks off when we put regular clothes on.  Eh, why not be in our PJs... it makes the snuggles so much better!!