Friday, January 3, 2014


In the days before New Years, Norah came down with hives.  We have no idea what caused them.  Perhaps it was something in the Christmas tree as it slowly died {although it hadn't been a problem from the beginning} or perhaps she ate something that just didn't sit well with her body.  Either way, we will never know, but just to be safe I spent New Years morning undecorating the tree & wiping down EVERYTHING she got for Christmas.
Because Norah wasn't feeling 100% we decided to stay in so she could get to bed on time & sleep it off.  We have been trying to stick to a better sleep schedule for her lately.  It makes for a happier Norah & an unbroken night of sleep, which in turn makes for a happier Mommy & Daddy! :)

We said goodbye to 2013 by keeping up with one of Brad's family traditions.
We follow SOOOO many of my family traditions that it seems only fair to fit one or two of Brad's in there, too. ;)
So, we ordered Chinese food & I sent Brad out to pick it up while Norah & I set up a blanket on the living room floor for our New Years Eve picnic.  Norah loved rolling around & playing on the blanket until Brad came home.
We made Norah a plate of a good mix of Brad's & my dinner, but it wasn't good enough.  She had to eat right off of Brad's plate.  Somehow she must know that Brad HATES to share his food.  She goes right to him all of the time.

I love this tradition.
When I was growing up my mom would make our favorite dish to bring in the New Year.  For me, it was always shrimp & scallops.  I figured, since I don't eat seafood anymore, Chinese is the next best thing! :)

Later in the evening, a few friends came over to play cards & watch the ball drop!  It was nice ringing in the New Year with some of our favorite people!

I'm very anxious about what 2014 has to offer!
We have a move coming up this year, but we still don't know where we're going or when.
We are praying there will be a new addition to our family by the end of this year/early next year & Norah's personality is changing by leaps & bounds.  She is becoming such a toddler.  Our happy little girl is having a hard time communicating with us & gets frustrated often.  This has been a learning curve for us!!  We're not used to temper tantrums.  She has been so happy-go-lucky her whole life!  I pray every day that it gets easier for all of us!  Today was a good day! I'm praying for lots of good days throughout the year!

I hope you all enjoyed your New Years Eve as much as we did!  Here's to a wonderful 2014 for us all!!

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  1. We love that you continue to celebrate New Year's Eve with a Chinese Picnic :-) Jenni and Brad would look forward to the evening and then watch the ball drop. It is wonderful that Norah can now take part in tradition of New Year's Eve Picnic. We will look forward to the news of the move that could happen in 2014..

    Happy New Year Brad, Kalen and Norah Love you all..