Thursday, January 2, 2014


Christmas flew by this year!
It was so much fun with Norah being able to communicate more!
She knew who Santa was, loved the lights, cried when we would drive past them.  She just wanted to sit and stare forever.
She LOVED to take the ornaments off of the tree!  I was ok with it since we put the plastic ones on the bottom.
We considered it a big win that the tree was never knocked down.
The season was wonderful!
It's times like these where I wish we had a rewind button.

We are lucky to still be at the stage where Norah sleeps until 8am.
Christmas was just another morning for her.
I heard her call out to let her out of her room & put Brad on Norah duty while I grabbed the camera, ran downstairs, made two cups of coffee from our new Keurig {thanks Mom & Dad for the early Christmas present} & waited as Brad helped Norah down the stairs.
She was confused at first... waiving "hi" to me... staring at the stockings hanging on the wall.
And then she saw the MASSIVE pile of gifts around the tree & that little girl hit a full fledge sprint.
She was thrilled!!
Santa was good to us this year!

Norah gave Brad their favorite bedtime story in a hardcover book.  When I was pregnant, Cheerios had these little paperback books inside the boxes.  And, since I was addicted to Cheerios, we collected them all.
This book has become Brad's favorite book to read to Norah at bedtime.  A week before Christmas, Norah ripped & colored in the little one, so we replaced it.
It was my favorite gift to give of the year!

We spent the entire morning opening gifts.
Norah surprised us by opening them all {except the last 4}.  They sat under the tree for so long.  We kept trying to coax her into opening them because her gift from Unle Craig was still under there & the anticipation of finding out what was inside was killing us!  Uncle Craig is an amazing gift giver!!
This gift was no exception with Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head!
She always says "Uh oh" when she finds the pieces on the floor.  She will figure out eventually that he is, in fact, supposed to fall apart. :)

We spent the remainder of the day cleaning up, playing with all of our new toys, and making dinner!  We had some of our favorite people over for a yummy meal.  Brad made his first ham EVER!  We were both relieved to hear it was delicious.  All in all, it was a great Christmas with wonderful company!
Norah hasn't been bored for a second since. :)

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  1. WOW! The Christmas Tree is beautiful! It looks like Norah had a wonderful Christmas and I love the picture of her standing at her Doll House and playing with the family. It is so fun watching how excited children get when they see the tree with all the gifts surrounding it. :-) Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head is fun and what a great gift from Uncle Craig.
    Merry Christmas xxoo