Thursday, January 2, 2014


Christmas Eve was very low key in our house.
I baked pumpkin bread for our friends and neighbors & Norah helped me with cookies for Santa.  We listened to Christmas carols while we tracked Santa's travels around the world.
  We spent the day enjoying being together as a family!  It has been WONDERFUL having Brad home for the past couple of weeks!

We decided to keep Norah up a little past her bedtime by going to the 8pm mass at church!
Bing must have returned to the North Pole while we were out because when we got home we were surprised by our Christmas PJs!
He even left a book for Norah with Opah as the narrator!!!  It was wonderful!
We all love that book!
Opah is the BEST storyteller EVER!!
I'm not kidding... I think he could make some mucho bucks reading 'Twas the Night Before Christmas!
Norah still takes that book to bed {a week after Christmas}.  I think somebody misses her Opah!
Norah got to have 'Twas the Night Before Christmas read to her twice this year!  Once by Opah & the other time by Daddy!
We have a copy of Brad's favorite version of the book {the Hallmark pop-up} thanks to my brother & sister-in-law.  When my mom passed away we divvied up my mom's large collection of Night Before Christmas books.  Since Jason & Pam were the only ones with kids in the family, at the time, it seemed only fitting that they would take that one.  When they found out it was Brad's favorite & the one his family read when he was a kid, they gifted it to him one year for Christmas.  It is now the version that is read to Norah each year.  We are beyond grateful to have that in our collection.

We put milk & cookies out for Santa!
This mama totally spaced on the carrots for the reindeer!  I hope they weren't too upset with us!  We'll just have to double the carrots next year!

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