Tuesday, January 14, 2014


After ringing in the New Year, we got our first good snow storm of the year.
And, when I say "good" I mean semi-substantial... not enjoyable. ;)

Everyone knows I don't like the snow.
I become a hermit when they call for it.
But, shockingly, I was really looking forward to this storm.  I knew Norah would love it!
I wanted to bundle her up in 20 layers and let her go play in it!
But, along with the 2 inches of snow, we also got single digit temperatures, so we enjoyed the snow from the inside.
Norah doesn't have enough layers in her closet to block that cold!

She was very excited about it.
She kept looking out the window & was very curious about the fluffy stuff covering the ground.  I felt bad not letting her enjoy it, but we kept hearing that it would only take 5 minutes outside to suffer from frostbite.

Maybe next time.

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