Friday, December 20, 2013


Brad's parents were here for a week before returning to Arizona.
We had a wonderful visit with them.
Norah was used to seeing them when she came down the stairs in the morning & waving good night each night.  She still waves... Sometimes to Bing, her elf, and other times I think she just does it just to be sure she didn't miss anyone!
It was really hard to watch Omah & Opah leave.
Norah misses them & points to the pictures of them & says "SEE!"
Hopefully there will be a visit again soon!
Thanksgiving was too short!

After Omah & Opah left we started pulling out the Christmas decorations!
I have been collecting nutcrackers since I was teeny tiny.  My mom used to get me one every year for Christmas.  My brother continued the tradition for a few years.
I have a TON!
I actually ran out of room for them this year & Norah fell in love with my Nutcracker themed nutcracker!
She carried it around like a doll all day!
I finally put it up high when she wasn't looking so she wouldn't break it.
Watch out, they may all be yours someday, Norah! ;)

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