Wednesday, December 4, 2013

11.28.13 **Thanksgiving**

This year we were so lucky to have Brad's parents come into town from sunny Phoenix for Thanksgiving!  Talk about a temperature change.  They were leaving record high temps for 30 degree Maryland.  Poor things!!!

They arrived Tuesday night & we were downright spoiled for an entire week!
Brad's mom greeted me with a bouquet of tulips... she's really just so sweet like that & yummy foods from Whole Foods & Trader Joe's {my favorites}!
It was nice to have them here to chat with and watch them love on Norah!  It's so sad to think that Norah hasn't seen her Opah in almost a year.
I'm hoping it won't be another 11 months before we get to visit again!

Norah was a little shy at first.
It always takes her a good minute or two to warm up to people, but after a good snuggling and shower of hugs and kisses, Omah and Opah were her best friends!
She absolutely loved their company!
She would snuggle in bed with Opah in the mornings & play, read, & share all of Omah's yummy snacks.  What's there not to love about that??

We woke up on Thanksgiving morning with quite the task list, but first & foremost we had to watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade!
It's a staple, a tradition, a necessity in my house!  I have looked forward to seeing The Rockettes every year since I can remember.
I love sharing this moment with Norah & this year she was so intrigued by the giant balloons.
I loved it!
I made baked french toast for breakfast.
Norah was spoiled all week with breakfast in the living room.  Eating at the coffee table is not the norm, but it was surprisingly easier than the high chair this week.
Norah snuggled up with Daddy, played with Ariel, & tuned in to bits and pieces of the parade until dinner prep began.

We decided since Omah was going to be visiting that we would wait to hand deliver her birthday gift to her.  It's way more fun to watch her open it than just mailing it.
So, Norah delivered and helped to open her new necklace!
In the meantime, I burnt the first batch of toast for the bread stuffing.

Somewhere towards the middle/end of the parade, Brad and I got to work in the kitchen.
We made my Mom's famous potato & bread stuffings this year & Brad put all of his attention on the bird & the pumpkin pies.  Norah even helped in making the whipped cream for the pies.  We continued with the family tradition of listening to Alice's Restaurant while cooking, followed by lots of Christmas carols.  
Our friends, Travis & Kirsten, joined us for dinner {and I'm pretty sure they brought more than we did to the table}.  We had TONS of food & very full bellies.  Norah ate us all under the table... that little girl can eat!!
We had a great meal & were surrounded by wonderful people!  I couldn't have imagined a better Turkey Day!

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