Sunday, November 17, 2013


When we lived in Pensacola, Brad & I {& Norah in the womb} used to go to the movies all of the time.  Primarily when the weather was bad.  But, that changes once you have a baby.  
We had been to the movies once since Norah was born {thank goodness for Omah & Opah for giving us a date night last December}... SOOO, when I found out that the base theater was offering a free showing of Planes, I thought, "what do we have to lose??"  Going to a free showing beat losing $30 in movie tickets {not including popcorn and drinks} when Norah decided she would rather run up and down the isle AND I knew the theater would be filled with a ton of other kids who couldn't sit still and had an attentions span of about 15 minutes.  Why not give it a shot???
I was anxious from the get go.
I knew it would be my child who wanted to talk through the whole movie.  And by talk, I mean speak at a volume only a Muthersbaugh could speak at.
The theater was PACKED, but we were able to score end seats towards the back, so we wouldn't disturb too many people if/when we had to get up and burn off some energy in the lobby.
Norah loved the popcorn {along with the other snacks we packed for her}.  I think they were gone before the previews started.  Brad spent half of the previews checking his Fantasy Football stats.
Norah was so intrigued by the big screen & made it through about a third of the movie before we had to make our first trip to the lobby.
A few laps later we took our seats again for about 10 minutes and back out to the lobby we went.  She made a few friends in the lobby {glad we weren't the only ones missing it}.
Brad took a turn and then I went out one more time until we finally decided that it was time to go 3/4 of the way through.
We're really looking forward to renting it so I can see the majority of the movie and Brad can catch the end.
But, I'm glad we gave it a shot.
It will be a few years {or at least until another free showing} until our next theater showing.

After leaving the theater, we headed to the park on base to really let Norah burn off some steam.  She made friends with the older girls who enjoyed picking her up and guiding her around the playground.  
Norah can never get enough playground time.

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