Sunday, November 17, 2013

10.31.13 - Halloween 2013

I love making Norah's Halloween costumes, but
this year Norah presented me with some extra challenges...
I kept the sewing machine on the dining room table while constructing her costume &, to my surprise, every time she climbed up on the dining room chairs, she changed another setting to my sewing machine.
There were some frustrating moments since I really do only know the basics of sewing, but thank goodness for the manual... I was able to get everything back to normal.

As usual, between a full time job, being Mom while Brad was on a DET for part of the month, and complete exhaustion from being woken up far earlier than usual throughout the month, I didn't finish her costume until the night before Halloween, but the point is, it got done & she was the cutest Pebbles on the block!!!

We knew if we were going to go the route of Pebbles, this would be our last year to do it because her hair was the PERFECT length.
Believe it or not, this is her hair style most days.
Too short to do much else with it, but too long to keep it in her eyes.
I love her little waterfall pony tail!

For all days for Norah to refuse a nap, Halloween was that day!!
She was MISERABLE come 5:30!
I considered staying home and skipping Trick or Treating.
But, I think that was more of a punishment for me than it would have been for Norah.
Typical Norah, once we got out and about amongst the other kiddos, she was happy as can be, but getting ready for Trick or Treating was a miserable mess!

We made plans to Trick or Treat with Norah's friend, C!
They had a blast chasing each other around & gave each other lots of hugs!
C was the cutest little monkey I ever did see!

And the command allowed Brad to come home for a few hours to walk around with us.
Night shift has it's downfalls, but they are often times considerate of the parents.  Norah was THRILLED to see her Daddy roll up on his motorcycle.
Brad went as a U.S. Sailor this year.  ;)

After getting lots of candy, we decided to head back to the house and hand out candy to the neighborhood kids.
Norah and Daddy had a blast counting and playing in her push car!  It was such a fun night!

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