Sunday, November 10, 2013


Norah found her perfect pumpkin & we were very excited to decorate!
Brad was always into the whole pumpkin carving thing...
I was always more of a three triangles and a mouth kind of carver.  
We weren't really sure what we were going to do about Norah's pumpkin this year... far too soon for knives.
I figured we would let her paint it a solid color and we could go from there.
I bought pumpkin stickers & had all intentions of adding them to her painted pumpkin... never happened.
We also intended on carving our pumpkins after Norah went to sleep... also, never happened!
Oh, the beauty of being parents. :)
But, painting Norah's pumpkin was progress from last year...
...there were no changes made to those pumpkins!
They were used to prop Norah up in the pictures I took instead.

She had a great time... she may or may not have tried to eat the paint brush.  We put a stop to that pretty quickly.
Next year we'll do something more elaborate.

Ok, seriously after MONTHS of not realizing why my pictures were all terrible and noisy & how no amount of editing was helping them, I FINALLY realized I must have changed my settings to shoot in JPEG only at one point to save space on a very full memory card & never changed it back.
I tried changing every setting on my camera this night because the lighting is just DREADFUL in our house.
And changing the types of lightbulbs never helped the orange tint I was getting in all of the shots.
And then the lightbulb in my head turned on towards the end of pumpkin painting...
TA DA!!!
Shooting in RAW makes a world of difference!
Glad I figured that out.
Now, if it continues, that's just my lack of photography skill shining through. ;)

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