Sunday, November 10, 2013


Last Christmas we went for a walk around Annmarie Gardens to see the light displays with Brad's parents.
It was such a sweet little place & I'm sad we hadn't been back since.
I learned that every year they hold a Halloween Trick or Treating event, too.
We considered going, but I put it in the back of my mind until I got a call from C's mom the morning of the event, asking if we were still going.
I hadn't finished Norah's Halloween costume!!
But, I had a plan!!
We ran to Target after gymnastics & I picked up a cute little witches hat & grabbed the tutu from her costume last year out of her closet {can you tell it had been stashed away for a year??  Good thing I made it big!!} and off to Annmarie Gardens we went.

Annmarie Gardens is a trail through the woods that is adorned with a lot of art sculptures.
They have the most adorable play area for the kids with little houses!  If the line hadn't been so long and we weren't on a time limit, we definitely would have stopped to play.
I'm thinking a trip back is in order when it's not so busy!

Unfortunately this was a have to go, do it, and get out of there kind of day.  The line was SOOOO long.  C hadn't arrived yet, so we had to just go through without the great company.
Norah got lots of candy and the event prepared her for Halloween night!

Isn't she the cutest little witch??

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