Friday, November 8, 2013


So close to being caught up!!
At least I'm in the right season again!

A few weekends ago we hit up the pumpkin patch with our great friends.
We went to {this pumpkin patch} last year with Brad's mom while Brad was away on DET!
I love Bowles Farm.
It would be the best year round playground EVER for a little kid.
I didn't want to leave & really wanted to go back, but sadly, this will be our last visit to this farm to get our pumpkins as we will PCS before Halloween next year {or at least we better}!

I had such a hard time finding an outfit that was nearly as cute as Norah's outfit last year, so I took matters into my own hands and made her skirt this year.
It's one of my favorite pieces in her wardrobe right now.
She needs one for every season, I think.

Norah LOVED searching for the perfect pumpkin!
There were so many that she tried to carry over to us... some successfully, others not so much.
It was such a big change from our experience last year.
I loved watching her really enjoy her surroundings.

See that pumpkin on top of that tractor??
The perfect pumpkin in my eyes!!
I loved that stem!  But, sadly, instead of carrying it around all day, I set it down next to the silo hoping it would still be there when we returned.
No such luck. :(

We walked through the cornfield this year.
It was designed after an F18 & commemorates 70 years of PAX River NAS.  Pretty snazzy.
{picture courtesy of the Bowles Farm website}

And, once again, we rode on the big tractor train!
The kiddos LOVED it!
But, like last year, we got stuck waiting for the tractor parade to make it's way through the train stop.
Luckily it wasn't quite as long as it was last year.

While we waited for the tractor train, C scoped out a really cool slide!  The kiddos could have spent all day on this slide.  All of a sudden nothing else mattered to them.

I don't know if I've mentioned this a million and one times or not, but we absolutely adore C and his family!!
I sure do hope we all end up in the same place again someday!  I can't imagine we would ever find people as kind and welcoming anywhere else!

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